Another Glowing Review of Bremerton

Apparently news of Bremerton’s revitalization projects are still making the rounds in the tourism magazine circuit. Enter the January 2009 edition of Sea Magazine.

It’s a five-page splash with photos, factoids and a feature-length article. In break-out boxes, they highlight such fine dining restaurant experiences as Uptown Mike’s (don’t think there’s love lost there, they make a mighty fine New York Style hot dog and have Italian ice in the summer), and sights like the Naval Museum and Isella Day Spa.

“Bremerton is blanketed with an energy that makes the hair on your arms stand up,” the article states.

Now, being a born and raised Bremertonian, I have my own special love for the city, but I couldn’t help but think that the Port of Bremerton or the city paid for this glowing review.

Well, I apparently should’ve put my snarky bit of skepticism (at least some of it) aside.

I talked briefly with writer and Sea Magazine managing editor Brian Quines. Turns out, he’d heard about the new marina opening, was up here on a trip.

“I’m from Orange County, so any time I can breathe fresh air it’s a good time,” he told me.

But it apparently wasn’t just the light-headed giddiness of real oxygen sans smog. He spent a whole day here, got the grand tour and met with some good local folks.

“Everyone’s just warm and refreshing up there,” he said.

Read the whole thing at

– Angela

12 thoughts on “Another Glowing Review of Bremerton

  1. Ok. Two things now that our beloved Andrew is really gone.

    #1 Now that the Bremerton Beat has become the Kitsap Sun’s dart board for any member of the staff who happens to feel inclined to throw something at it (or just missed the garbage can, sometimes hard to tell); it would be really helpful if the reporter posting a story would indicate to us in some way who they are. Come on…don’t be scared …at least at first.

    #2 When viewing this page the upper right hand corner of the blue column says:

    “Kitsap Sun reporter Andrew Binion writes about the community of Bremerton, the rebirth of downtown and housing issues”.

    No need to keep up a reminder of our terrible loss. We feel it every time we log on. (TAPS playing softly in the background).

  2. Oh. To her defense I’ve gotten a bit behind updating the MovableType templates on my blogs. Before the Xmas Snowpocaplpse I reinstalled and upgraded the software and I thought I would get around to updating the design templates and re doing the google ads and stat trackers on Web work like dishes and laundry has a way of piling up.

  3. Andy shouldn’t bet listed on the upper right hand corner of the blue column but no criticism, a year from now, maybe, but not now.
    Who knows, if we continue to help the Sun, subscribe… Andy might return.

    They’re busy and I would rather read this article with Andy’s name up to the right here, than take it out and not have time to write the article.
    I agree about naming the reporter though. In this case, it is

    Of course, Bremerton is a hot place to visit…exactly as the article stated!
    Maybe too many of us are too close to the forest to see the trees…

    Thank you Mayor Boseman and the Bremerton City Council for your insight and work!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS everybody!
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. Ha! They have a quote from Calos Jara and they liked Fritz’s Fries.

    That is a pretty good glowing review of my fair city.

  5. I can see now that if you go to the blog page that shows all the stories for that blog, the reporters name is in fine print usually next to or above a picture. The problem is, like in this instance, I linked to the post from the Home Page Recent Blogs section which took me directly here, which does not show me the reporters name. Fix please.

  6. Thanks for pointing those things out, I missed the blog description in the beginning-of-year switch along with trying to get all the staff changes in on the rest of the site (not the most pleasant task, and I greatly miss Andy as well). They should be fixed now.

    – Angela Dice

  7. Hey Carlos….less time pandering to the press and more time taking down your christmas lights. Or are you just leaving them up for the BBQ at your house to celebrate our next round of organized neighborhood improvements? (I Smile).

  8. Thanks Angela,

    You know I am only kidding about the garbage can thing….but not so much the being afraid. It is going to take us (Bremerton Beat posters) awhile to get over how spoiled we were with Andrew.

  9. These are truly grim, dire and bloody times for the paper based newspaper business. Instead of writing a letter to the editor if you subscribed to two copies of the paper and everyone else that subscribed to the paper did the same that would help them out. Everyone thinks that Andrew is a good reporter but it was unfortunately a matter of the bottom line. I wish Andrew the best of luck especially since the Seattle Times just shed a whole bunch of staff and the Seattle PI (Washington’s oldest paper) is seriously on the brink of going under in about a month.

    We are pretty fortunate here in Kitsap to have a decent local paper that is still going strong.. knock on wood.

  10. As one of those who has thrown items at the “Bremerton Beat” dart board or garbage can, I’ll readily acknowledge that I haven’t hit the bull’s eye the way Andy usually did. Like Angela, I admit to missing Andy, too. I even thought of beginning my posts, “Gardner here,” the way Andy did, but then I thought “I gotta be me,” or I’ll be accused of trying to be Binion, only with a different spelling and not being very successful at it. My favorite of his was the one where he gave advice to those taking a day trip to Bremerton. I cry (in a good way) just thinking about it.

    All I can promise, now that I will be a regular contributor to this blog again, but not the only one, is I’ll do my best to bust a few buttons here and that Port Orchard is going to get it.

    Gardner here.

  11. I can’t believe it. This magazine has been sitting on my store’s magazine rack since early December and I just now realized it!

    I remember talking to this gentleman, and he was here on vacation or something.

    I like the fact that the third sight listed on the magazine is Isella Day Spa, my wife’s spa in downtown B-town!

    Oh, and I plan on keeping up the lights year round…so when we have our next neighborhood BBQ we can sit back and admire them 😉

    -Carlos Jara-

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