Snowbound Cars Easy Prey For Bremerton Parking Tickets

The innocent shall suffer big time

In the name of all that is decent and holy, the city of Seattle has suspended issuing parking tickets to cars remaining past their limit.

Not Bremerton, where the tickets have flowed like spiked punch at a freshman mixer.

Diamond Parking agents, scooting through the slush in their gocarts, are targeting any vehicles that remain on the almost deserted streets, trying to shoo away anybody looking to spend money downtown on Christmas Eve. Not that there are many businesses open downtown today, or any day, for that matter.

Walking into work this afternoon, I noticed a single pickup truck parked Fifth Street, alone, with a parking ticket. That’ll teach that person I’m not sure what, life isn’t fair?

So, in other words, if you have money to spend on last minute Christmas shopping, go to Seattle, or Silverdale, or anywhere but downtown Bremerton.

“If people want to go out and try and park in some of these conditions, you know, more power to them,” a Seattle police spokesman told the Seattle Times. “We’ve got more pressing concerns than citing somebody illegally parked.”

The Bremerton Police Department does not handle parking tickets, that duty belongs to Diamond Parking, a privateer whose zeal reaches beyond downtown, to the working class enclave of Anderson Cove. And apparently Diamond Parking has no more pressing concerns than making sure that the insolent be punished for their insolence.

It should be noted that “working class” is a bad euphemism, most neighborhoods work, that is, except Bainbridge Island. Anderson Cove is poor, it’s one of the poorest neighborhoods in a poor city.

Jackie Courtney, for instance, had his pickup truck loaded for the dump and waiting on the 1700 block of Anderson Street, but then the snow dumped on him.

A neighbor complained the truck remained past the 72-hour limit, so like a scene from a poorly written satire about privatized government run amuck, a Diamond Parking agent appeared with chains strapped to their macho machine and told Courtney he had to move his truck. He claims he has four witnesses who had helped him move it, without a little difficulty.

But Courtney claims the heroic Diamond Parking agent reappeared and ticketed him, $27.

Courtney argued that he had moved his truck, but the agent allegedly said that was a dirty, dirty lie, because in a cunning, MacGyver-like move, the agent had placed a leaf in the truck’s tailpipe, then claimed since the leaf remained in the tail pipe, Courtney deserved a ticket.

“I”m in the middle of the snow here,” Courtney said, noting he hasn’t had mail delivery in three days.

This comes as no surprise to the people who live in Anderson Cove, who by now should be used to this kind of tough love. For example, Mayor Cary Bozeman pledged to include money for a sub-area plan for the neighborhood in this year’s budget. Guess if that money was included. Go on and guess.

Calls to Diamond Parking Tuesday seeking comment were not returned.

17 thoughts on “Snowbound Cars Easy Prey For Bremerton Parking Tickets

  1. Diamond Parking is EVIL!!! I had to fight a parking ticket I got from them a couple years ago – I’ll tell you right now, do NOT contact the Bremerton office – they DO NOT care and will make you pay the ticket – I talked to 3 different people there and their attitude was basically ‘oh well’. Write DIRECTLY to Joel Diamond -that’s their CEO and President – their info is below.

    605 First Avenue, Suite 600
    Seattle, WA 98104
    (206) 284-3100
    (800) 340-PARK
    (206) 285-5598 Fax

    I got my ticket erased and did not have to pay for it going that route. It was unfair, just like the tickets being issued to cars taht are stranded.

  2. Please fight these tickets. We need to change the way we handle parking in downtown Bremerton now.

    It is time the bidding opens up with new contractual parameters, one of which holds the contractor accountable for each ticket taken to court that is either mitigated or dismissed.

    DP is soul-less. The whole “I’m just doing my job” is unwarranted, and further solidifies the belief that the parking enforcers are definitely on a quota system: more tickets, more pay.

    Take the tickets to court!

    -Carlos Jara-

  3. Actions can speak volumes. The City of Bremerton tries to give the impression they want to redevelop downtown, but then they turn creeps like this loose. Not a problem, since downtown Bremerton is not the business and shopping center of Kitsap County, and never ,again, will be.

  4. Some more food for thought here…Diamond Parking owns nearly every pay-to-park lot in Bremerton AND they get to enforce the public street parking as well? Sounds very near to a conflict of interest in their assumption of parking enforcement for the public.

  5. diamond parking sucks. i used to live behind OC, on houston ave and those clowns were always driving around in their 3 wheeled golf carts, handing out tickets left and right. that neighborhood is so poor. the only reason i lived there is because i had $300/month rent and paid off a lot off bills, but they definitely target the less fortunate. its a bunch of retired old farts. make them a$$ holes play bingo with their free time. some poor person that walks to the food bank on callow cant afford to put gas in their tank let alone go renew their registration. screw diamond.

  6. Never say never…
    The Internet is or will be the ‘business and shopping center’ for busy people all over the country, not just KC.

    Diamond Parking has been around for generations. Didn’t they own the Bremerton waterfront parking lots I used to use some fifty years ago?

    Carlos… the employees of DP are most certainly ‘doing their job’…just as your employees do, if you have any employees. Take your ire out on the owner/s not the employees.
    Sharon O’Hara

  7. The reality of it is that the city needs to completely change the way it handles the parking situation downtown. Pay parking that can be validated by local businesses could help take care of this problem. Talk with local business owners and organizations to develop a new policy for parking enforcement and do not renew the contract with diamond for enforcement of parking on downtown city streets and city owned parking garages, leaving them to police their own lots.

  8. Sharon, our employees are held to the expectation that people must be treated with respect and understanding. Until you actually have to deal with these DP folks, you will recognize something different about the way they treat folks…

    -Carlos Jara-

  9. Carlos, perhaps I misunderstand what you said. Of course employees must treat people with respect and understanding.

    The issue was DP giving out tickets…not that the DP employees were treating people with disdain.

    If the employee job is to issue tickets, they are doing their job.
    If they are treating people badly in addition to the tickets, that is another matter and the City of Bremerton needs to address the problem.

    It seems stupid and wrong to issue tickets to cars stranded by snow and parked on deserted Bremerton streets….but that is a management problem.

    A thinking DP employee may well address the problem to the employer and suggest not giving tickets under certain times/conditions and to a good employer, a thinking employee is a employee worth a raise.

    You are right that I haven’t dealt with the parking situation downtown. Maybe I need to ride my trike downtown Bremerton and park it for awhile and see what happens.

    What is the parking rule on recumbent trikes? I don’t have a windshield nor wipers, where would they put the ticket?
    Sharon O’Hara

  10. I have spent a year on the “parking committee” and have provided proof and heard testimony regarding tickets. I have researched the parking rules and found them to be unfairly enforced in the neighborhoods. I have requested the Mayor’s administration many times to rewrite the rules and have requested that the contract be modified to reduce the amount of enforcement and to enforce equitably. I have provided constructive suggestions, alternatives to the current approach. The Mayor’s staff (and therefore the Mayor) have been polite but have made no progress in the last 6 months of detailed discussion.
    As far as I’m concerned, the Mayor doesn’t care about these issues.

  11. I will be fighting the ticket I got Monday, Carlos. I figured since I made it to work alive from Seabeck, it would be silly to then get stuck in an unplowed lot (when I was one of the few downtown workers to actually make it to work). But, I reconsidered after getting a ticket that afternoon. I moved to a lot on Fifth Street and ended up getting stuck when I went to leave at 8 p.m. Thanks to the mercy of a co-worker who helped dig me out, I was able to get back home without my husband braving the horrible roads to pick me up. But had I not had an assist, I would have been stuck.

  12. Mike,

    Who makes the parking rules? The Council or the Mayor’s office? Are rules the same as laws when it comes to the parking policies in place today?

    Thanks for keeping an eye on this.

    -Carlos Jara-

  13. I think Binion’s legacy at this point in time should be a fresh new look – and change – of the parking rules in Bremerton.

    If the parking rules aren’t beneficial or fair to Bremerton and the very people who visit her…and this kind of hostility says it isn’t…then change it.

    Why would it take six months to effect change?
    Of course the mayor cares…but I wonder if he realized how much unfair parking rules matter to the people.

    Let’s send the mayor a email and ask that he do what he can to effect change in the parking ‘rules.’…or explain why he can’t.

    We could call reasonable changes the “Binion Parking Rules.’
    No one has been more cranky about the poor parking policy in Bremerton than he.

    There may be more to the story than we know about here.
    Sharon O’Hara

  14. The parking rules as written have been established by the administration and then sent to Council for approval based upon the administration’s presentation of facts and with mimimal public input or discussion. Additionally, some of the most flagrant problems are not in the rules, but in the contract language and management or in the interpretation of vague, poorly written rules.

    In the case of this most recent outrage, the contract calls for enforcement all the time and nobody in the administration was on the job and thinking about the public’s predicament, so Diamond did its job.

    I agree that public letters to the editor and to the Mayor might cause some positive changes, although I have read half a dozen since spring with no result. This being an election year might help.

  15. Diamond Parking enforces as strongly as the mayor requests. It appears that once the City bought into the parking structure under the hotel that Diamond Parking got even meaner. It seems the theory is if you write enough tickets people trying to spend money at downtown businesses would pay to park at the new paid parking spots. When there is an event downtown such as boardwalk concerts, Diamond Parking works late & tickets everyone a few minutes over the “free” parking limit. No event, no Diamond Parking.
    It is reasonable to have Diamond Parking (or gosh forbid, City of Bremerton Police) enforce some sort of parking regs downtown during shipyard hours or there would be no turnover of spots for business parking for Fraiche Cup, Art Anderson,New Delhi, or the other few businesses that have been able to survive the tunnel construction.
    I live on a residential street in Manette. One Saturday while helping a neighbor move I had my truck facing the incorrect direction. For less than 30 minutes. As did at least three other cars on our street. I was the only vehicle ticketed while we packed out a washing machine. Diamond Parking is one of the closest things to the mob (but not the only) that is operating Bremerton. No wonder one of the best selling t-shirts in Bremerton denigrates Diamond Parking.

  16. Mr. Shepherd, as a member of the council, at the next council meeting why don’t you move to exercise the council’s option to exempt periods of enforcement and retroactively exempt the “snow days”, nullifying any tickets issued during that time.

    Restrictions on parking, as set forth in this chapter, shall not be effective on City holidays set forth in BMC 1.02.020 or such additional days specifically exempted by Council resolution.

  17. I just noticed the Aqua Teen Hunger Reference in the photo caption. Excellent job sir! The world needs more ATHF quotes utilized in everyday conversation. I’m doing this as hard as I possibly can.

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