Raising Car Tab Fees Harder Than At First Thought

A plan being pushed by Bremerton Councilman Nick Wofford to tack $20 onto the car tabs to pay for city streets may take quite a bit of time, and not just to convince fellow council members to support the plan.

After a teleconference earlier this week, Wofford said that the state Department of Licensing is designated as the contractor that facilities part of the funding system for cities.

But when the Legislature approved the law in 2007 allowing cities to raise tab fees without a vote of residents, it didn’t give Licensing any money to actually implement the program.

The cost to start up the system is about $250,000 to $300,000, and the department expects the first crop of Transportation Benefit Districts, or TBDs, to shoulder the costs, Wofford said.

There are about nine cities or jurisdictions that are seriously considering forming one of these districts.

If the money was raised to start the program if would take about nine to 10 months to get the money pumping through.

And when it is going, Licensing will keep about 1 percent for its costs.

One thought on “Raising Car Tab Fees Harder Than At First Thought

  1. What would stop Bremerton residents from renewing their tabs in Silverdale, Poulsbo or Port Orchard and not paying the $20 fee? I am just saying

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