O Little Town Of Bremerton

Bob Rivers, master of the novelty song, has vulgarized a sublime sectarian holiday carol and poked Bremerton right in the eye. It’s pretty funny.

Listen to it here.

Here are the lyrics:

Oh little town of Bremerton
How still downtown lies
Cuz all the shops are in the mall
And now the cars go by
Yet in the narrows shineth
Our military might
The squids drink beers
Like buccaneers and
Look for Mrs. Right

Oh little town of Bremerton
You build your ships with pride
And when that twenty more set sail
The people often cried

Yet in thy White Pig tavern
You’ll always find good cheer
Cuz grandma knows that girls
With barfly looks
Will never disappear

When I listened to it, I heard different lyrics in the last verse.

Here’s what I heard.

Yet in thy White Pig tavern

You’ll always find good cheer

Cuz Bremelos like buffaloes

will never disappear

2 thoughts on “O Little Town Of Bremerton

  1. My husband first did this song a while back and it actually was played on Sandy Bradley’s Potluck, a now defunct local radio show. Goes like this:

    O little town of Bremerton
    how still we see thee lie.
    Thy stores have gone to Silverdale
    and left you here to die.

    Yet in thy dark streets shineth
    the one true faithful light
    for JC Penney still remains
    open til nine tonight.

    Alittle out dated now, but some might remember when JC Penney was the last hold out in the wild store stampede to Silverdale.

  2. OMG, moosette! Oh stop!
    Thanks for the laugh and I nominate your husband – Brem’s new Funny Guy!

    I remember too…
    Sharon O’Hara

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