Stranger Days Are Over For ‘Peninsula’

We shall go on playing/Or find a new town

The Stranger, Seattle’s most alternative alternative weekly newspaper, has stopped circulating on “the peninsula,” which means the paper will no longer available for pick-up in Kitsap County, and, presumably, on up in Jefferson and Clallam counties.

The paper’s publisher, Tim Keck, said the cut-back was due to booming business on the Web and the increased cost of printing a paper version on top of a cruddy economy. The move also includes a boost in circulation in Seattle and to King County’s more affluent suburbs. No word if the paper is slimming down elsewhere, or if it’s just “the peninsula” that is getting cut off from prurient American Apparel ads that can be clipped and preserved on one’s refrigerator.

Keck wrote:

This won’t help folks on the peninsula who’ve come to enjoy picking up the paper at the 7-Eleven, of course, but everything in the paper is online (plus Slog!)—and, there will always be a paper waiting for you when you get to Coleman Dock or Fauntleroy.

When people in Seattle say “the peninsula,” they are often generically referring to that green, amorphous expanse seen from the decks of Capitol Hill cocktail lounges. It has mountains, trees, and blocks the view of the ocean proper. They may not be aware of the sometimes fierce debate over whether the Kitsap Peninsula is part of the Olympic Peninsula, or its own peninsula, and they probably won’t care until an indy band writes a song about it and KEXP plays it and people with fixed gear bicycles start leaving stencil graffiti near Seattle Central about “reclaiming” Kitsap from the Olympic Peninsula.

But in all this, the Sev (i.e., downtown Bremerton’s only grocery store in the foreseeable future) got a few mentions, and not just from Keck.

This from Kevin Shurtluf, Stranger circulation manager:

I’ve driven that route (through Kitsap) many a time and I really enjoyed winding the  “C”-shaped drive from ferry to ferry.  Funny you should mention the 7-11; it’s always a bee hive of personalities.

5 thoughts on “Stranger Days Are Over For ‘Peninsula’

  1. Well that sucks.

    I actually used to write video game reviews for The Stranger back when they still published game reviews.

    I mostly read it online but still it’s not the same as sitting in a coffee shop and feeling the ink on the dead tree pulp.

  2. “feeling the ink on the dead tree pulp.”

    Well. Catchy. I’ve not felt the ink on newspaper, only seen the trail it smears from careless fingertips moving from newspaper.

    Does the ‘booming’ online business mean ‘dollars in’ booming?

    wish them well, sorry I’ve not seen the paper.

  3. The Stranger does print on a pretty rough pulpy paper and your fingers can get dirty after reading it for a while, especially if it is damp out. I am just being nostalgic and I’ll have to pick up a copy each time I go to King county.

    The Stranger is one of the nation’s better alternative papers. Their coverage of state and King county issues is pretty good (It is about as leftist as one can get when it comes to editorials) but it is good for entertainment and functioning as a city guide. But it does not take itself too seriously and can deliberately get a bit trashy. However it is free and you can read it in the hour spent on the ferry.

    They do publish every article on their website but it is not quite the same as feeling it in your hands.

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