Squirrels And The Horror Of Modern Life

First there was a war between neighbors over the army of squirrels adding a Hitchcock atmosphere to the neighborhood.

Then there was the editorial, the letter to the editor and finally the crucified squirrel on the porch.

As noted by a few kitsapsun.com commenters – otherwise known as Bremerton’s brain trust – the story about squirrels is stupid and not news. They remind me of Woody Allen’s pinched-faced old women sitting around a Catskills resort, complaining that the food is terrible and the portions are too small.

So this goes out to you:

Keeping squirrels as pets poses health risks

West Nile-infected squirrels pose little risk to humans

Rabies risk low with squirrels …

Feeding squirrels peanuts can pose health risks to peanut-allergy sufferers …

Why peanuts aren’t good for squirrels …

A fan site for squirrel lovers

The ninth person to post a comment that says this is not news will have their choice of being slathered in peanut butter and tied to a light pole on Fourth Street or drinking a bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill and trying to overhear vague threats at a downtown convenience store.

3 thoughts on “Squirrels And The Horror Of Modern Life

  1. Definitely disturbing; on many levels! I can only hope the squirrel was victim to something else before the sicko got a hold of him. Probably not a good idea to give this guy too much more press. He certainly needs no encouragement.

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