Keep Your Hands To Yourself

The word “nerd” gets thrown around all too often these days …

Many lessons were learned by this LDS missionary, whose faith and devotion may have been shaken like a baby while trying to save Bremerton’s soul in 1997.

He discovered that poor people’s houses smell the same, a potpourri of stale, sour and urine.

He discovered the depth of passion that makes people turn every day into a renaissance faire.

He discovered that bails of hay make good pummel horses for dragon-slaying training with Braveheart swords.

He also discovered that no matter how captivating Star Wars is, one should always look before petting a cat.

This is a great story about Bremerton, about our peeps, but it comes with a warning:

This story is funny, but it doesn’t pass the breakfast test.

4 thoughts on “Keep Your Hands To Yourself

  1. Andy’s #1 Fan here:

    The story was funny, and no, it doesn’t pass the breakfast test….

    Nonetheless, worth reading if you need your funnybone tickled or maybe if you are interested in tickling your cat’s anus.


  2. Andy – The story you posted earlier this week had the potential of offending me on so many levels (BHA Executive Director with oversight for Westpark, an active member of the LDS church in the Bremerton area, a former full-time missionary for the church, and a supporter of all things Bremerton), yet I laughed so hard my eyes watered. I don’t know where you get this stuff, but thanks for sharing.

    It’s good to laugh. Nobody got hurt (well, maybe the cat but we’ll probably never know that part of the story) and everybody had a good time.

  3. Binion here:

    There are certainly many opportunities to be offended, not just the breakfast test.

    And we here at the Bremerton Beat aren’t always so forgiving of people dissing the Paris of Kitsap County, but the author was speaking from experience, and he admitted he loves Bremerton, despite its quirks.

    It was roundly enjoyed by the newsroom as well.

    Glad you guys liked it.

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