Keep Your Coffee, Schultz

Let freedom ring …

The Supersonics started their first season in what amounts to permanent exile, sold out by Starbucks.

And now the Nike of coffee has backed off a plan to pour free cups of coffee to people for voting. Apparently it’s illegal.

So the monolithic corporation says it will give legal free cups of coffee to people just for asking, not because they voted.

I voted, but Howard Schultz, so you know, just because your coffee is free, I still won’t drink it.

And although I won’t swear it off forever, I’ll do my best to avoid giving your company a single penny.

In fact, I’d rather drink borscht through a feeding tube while undergoing a dental exam at a gulag inhabited by reality show rejects.

I know you can probably make that happen, Schultz, and I’m not daring you.

Today I went to Fraiche Cup, across the street from Starbucks, and paid about $2.60 for a 12 ounce cup of drip coffee, including a dollar tip.

It was delicious.

That was $2.60 well spent. $2.60 that goes to a Bremerton business.

I do that most days. The employees know me by name or face. We talk about music or bears.

Nothing against the coffee, I like Starbucks, or its employees, they are always friendly.

It’s because of you.

You sold us out, Schultz. All for a few more bucks.

You can keep your free cup of coffee.

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