Pink Tickets For A Few More Weeks

Those pink plastic envelopes will greet parkiing violators for the next few weeks until new envelopes are bought.

The city has been considering how to discontinue the waterproof envelopes, which cannot be processed by U.S. Postal machines and require additional postage, which can possibly make a parking ticket payment late.

Read the story on the envelopes/sleeves.

The idea is to use a waterproof sleeve that holds inside of it a ticket and an envelope.

But as anyone who has tried their luck on the streets of Bremerton recently, pink still prevails.

City Clerk Carol Etgen said Tuesday the pink tickets (actually the tickets are white, the envelopes are pink) will still be arriving under windshield wipers for the next few weeks.

The new sleeves will transition away from pink.

“It’s going to turn yellow, I don’t know why, that’s what’s been ordered,” Etgen said.

The city is ordering the new sleeves, but because of turnover in the office, Etgen said she didn’t have final and firm numbers of the costs of the new sleeves.

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