Bremerton = Evil Pig, Port Orchard = Out Of Fashion Hat

Comes now,  another volley in the fight Port Orchard has picked with the city of Bremerton. Er, I mean, how Port Orchard is standing up to Bremerton hegemony.

Behold, this cartoon, featured in the appropriately named Port Orchard Independent.

Oh, wait. My bad. Actually, I found this cartoon in the pile of Bremerton Patriots that have accumulated outside my building door.

In any case, the point of the cartoon is clear. Bremerton is an evil pig. We know this pig isn’t the lovable, cute kind of pig like Babe, of “Babe, Pig in the City” fame or the hedging, insecure Piglet of Winnie the Pooh renown, but the voracious, rude kind of pig, as demonstrated by the slants over his eyes. SKIA, that stretch of property that has become a flash point between the two cities is represented by a cute, fluffy, if not slightly baffled, bunny rabbit. And Port Orchard is a hat that hasn’t been popular since the time of seal clubbing.

By pulling the SKIA rabbit out of the Port Orchard hat, the evil pig is … doing …  something … insidious? I don’t know what. Yeah. Anyway.

For further analysis on the cartoon and the issue of SKIA, read this story.

5 thoughts on “Bremerton = Evil Pig, Port Orchard = Out Of Fashion Hat

  1. Will someone explain how the area can be Bremerton’s if the children are in the SK/PO school district?

    Having the Courthouse at PO instead of in the middle of the county does a disservice to the north end citizens…but Bremerton isn’t in the middle of the county either… Silverdale is.
    Silverdale is also easily reached, unlike Bremerton. From what I can gather, KC citizen consideration and input wasn’t in the ballpark when it came to deciding where to have the county ‘seat’.

    The Bremerton ‘pig’ is exactly like piggy Babe … a warm, caring, intelligent, insightful, progressive piglet who talks to sheep.

    Bremerton has produced the Manette Neighborhood…one whale of a community minded active group of neighbors getting to know each other and having a good time doing it. Last week-end was their first annual Manette yard sale and picnic weekend.

    Paul Kuralt, family and friends…organized the yard sales..attracting hundreds of shoppers while Robin Henderson, family and friends took care of organizing Sunday’s picnic. One neighbor, Lisa Hoffman actually baked a fresh pecan pie during the picnic and served it hot from the oven.
    The Manette neighborhood joined together visiting, playing with the kids and having a great time.

    Bremerton and City Councilman Adam Brockus – congratulations on fostering the budding and old fashioned Neighborhood Alive Community of Manette, tenderly looked after by Jennifer!

    I hope other towns _PO/SK too – in KC will work toward following good piglet Babe’s lead (oops, Bremerton’s lead)
    … Sharon O’Hara

  2. When the county seat was established, Silverdale was a cluster of egg farms on what we now call an “associated wetland” of Dyes Inlet. The only way to get there was by rowboat.

    PSNS was in the future. Bremerton was just one of many little villages and nothing to write home about.

    As for the cartoon, I think that in real life the bunny and the pig have been dating steady and the old hat has been trying to make the case that he (it?) is a better provider than that ole’ pig. As you can see the ex-husband (the County) is out of the picture entirely.

  3. It is strange how a rational mind could come up with such a sketch….it is certainly not a ‘cartoon’.

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