9 thoughts on “Is Port Orchard Suffering from Bremerton Envy?

  1. My theory is that Port Orchard feels inferior because they can just look across the water and see all of the new shiny buildings in downtown Bremerton. The glare from the condos probably can light their offices in midday.

  2. Ah…the Big Talker is at it again. He is so afraid of the front door, the honest communication and dialog…he is sneaking around the back yard hoping someone notices…

    Big Talker doesn’t know that PO/SK has never before thought about taking a ‘back seat’ to anything….they’ve had their confidence intact and known who they were…equal…now BT claims they are not.

    Someday Big Talker will behave as an adult with a logical thought process and hopefully not cause much damage in the meantime.
    in my opinion…Sharon O’Hara

  3. “…an unsigned editorial….” Has the Kitsap Sun ever “signed” an opinion piece by its editorial staff on its opinion page? If so, I must have missed it. I wonder who the Sun’s “mystery writer” usually is.

  4. Binion here:

    Wonder no more!

    Jim Campbell is the Sun’s editorial page editor. His name is listed in the masthead of the paper, and online, along with members of the editorial board.

    Campbell also has a phone number, which, again, is published in the paper and online, and having worked in the same large room as him, I can tell you with absolute certainty that he does exist.

    The editorials produced by the board are “unsigned.” All others are signed.

    As for the Port Orchard Independent, it’s Web site has an opinion page, but has no information about whose opinions are represented. Click on the “about us” page, and a list of “your community news team” appears.

  5. Is it so hard to figure out that an editorial opinion published on the editorial page is written by the one and only editor noted on that online “about us” page? There is his photo, name and number.

    As for the other opinions published on that page, I don’t recall seeing one without a name associated with it. Give me an example — assuming you aren’t going to simply point again to an editorial written by the “editorial board” consisting of the editor himself.

  6. Binion here:

    Dear Bob,

    That’s a good question, is it so hard? You wondered who the Sun’s mystery writer was, and I told you. It’s opinion editor Jim Campbell or else another member of the ed board, whose names are made public.

    Now you are saying it’s not “so hard” to deduce the origin of an unsigned opinion piece published in the “editorial we” by a paper that shares resources with a number of other local papers and that lists a couple editors and a few advertising employees with no mention of who handles opinion content.

    I should qualify that by saying I read the piece online. I understand that the Independent could have detailed information on who handles opinion – hopefully someone not involved in advertising or news content – and I just missed it.

  7. Again, Bob, I’m sure your jokes are hilarious – this whole exchange has left me in stitches – but you’re going to have to spell them out for me. What fellows on the other side of the wall? Why would they be misled? Does this have something to do with the EMS-levy-media complex? Oops, I’ve said too much.

    However, I will look at that story and your critique. Thanks for bringing it to my attention in such a vindictive way.

    PS – What is sarcasm?

  8. Bob when will you agree to run for v.pres?
    At the very least you need to be in the middle of the local political fray… you know stuff and make sense too.
    A couple other posters should be in office … really good people doing a reasonable job for the community you were elected to work for… and those who follow.

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