Welcome To Flavor Country, RCRG!

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Cool poster, huh?

The Rat City Roller Girls, Seattle’s renowned battalion of roller derby warriors, will make the trip over the briny deep this month to engage in a double-header with Kitsap’s own Slaughter County Roller Vixens.

It’s the last extravaganza of the Roller Vixens’ first season, and the women wouldn’t hold it against you if you showed up and cheered them on as they take on the Masked Yuppies of Seattle!

(Sorry about the yuppie comment. Don’t hit me, I bruise like a pear.)

And when the blood spills, it will spill on Bremerton soil! Bwah-hah-hah!

Here are the vitals:

Sunday June 29, 2008
4 p.m.
Bremerton Skateland
1740 NE Fuson Road

Here is the bill:

Kitsap’s Death Rattle Rollers vs Sockit Wenches

But that’s not all! Ticket holders will also be treated to a thrilling bout involving fully the Kitsap’s Terrormedixxx vs Throttle Rockets.

Click here for the SCRV site.

Click here for the RCRG site.

Word to the mother bird.

5 thoughts on “Welcome To Flavor Country, RCRG!

  1. Man Andrew you got that up before I could put together a press junket. We would love to offer press passes to any Kitsap Sun reporters and photographers to our bouts.

    This is the final bout of the Slaughter County Roller Vixens first season.

    Season 2 is coming soon and there is no break in practice, scrimmages and bouting other leagues around the Northwest.

    Seattle’s Rat City Rollergirls are the 2nd ranked league in the world and the best league on both the East and West Coast. (Oklahoma is ranked number one) So this is a big deal for us since it was Rat City that inspired the creation of the league and got most of us into skating. Rat City has a huge rabid fanbase and their tickets sell out in a matter of hours so we totally would appreciate anyone to come cheer on our girls from Kitsap (especially since our fans on the USS John C Stennis are not going to be back in Bremerton in time for our bout)

    We are off to go hand out flyers and then to skate practice at Bremerton Skateland.

  2. Andrew, you know I have a fondness for you as our community reporter and the for the excellent coverage you have given to one of my pet projects (Naval Ave Elementary) but I can only hope that you give as much attention and blatant favoritism to other community activities in the future as you have given to this one. Fair is fair. From a budgeting perspective, I am amazed that the Sun management has not yet taken you to task for robbing them of a potential advertising revenue opportunity.

    Jake, glad to see that there is some type of activity that includes physical damage, collisions, questionable sportsmanship behavior and going around in circles while on wheels that you seem to enjoy. I seem to remember many a conversation between the two of us, on another topic, involving these very same descriptions that you were very much against.

  3. Colleen,

    Sounds like you need to come and check out the bout for yourself to understand why people get so excited about this! It is a super tough sport that not everyone can do but a lot of people try. I really hope that you come out and see what we are about and have a fantastic time… you never know.. it could change your mind.

  4. Rollerderby is like Nascar except it is envirometally freindly, female dominated and the rear-ends are a lot nicer to look at.

  5. Thanks for asking. I did go to an event one time with some friends. Just couldn’t get into it. I am more of an “outdoor sports” kind of girl. My neighbors are totally into it though and have high praise for the local team.

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