Bremerton Prom in Tacoma Part II

Prom or gun show?

Matt Evans is 18, a senior, and none too thrilled that his prom is being held in Tacoma.

He hasn’t made a big deal out of it at school, he’s a little nervous his fellow students would say he was trying to spoil the party for everyone, and when he first heard it wasn’t going to be held in Kitsap he vowed not to go.

He changed his mind about going, but not about whether it should be held closer.

Matt has two issues: First and foremost, the prom for Bremerton High School should be held in Bremerton. Barring that, it should be held in Kitsap County. There’s a principle at work.

Second, which still weighs heavily on his mind, is the ‘What if.’ What if something happens, something bad. There is a chance something could go wrong if the dance were held here in Bremerton, but when it’s 34 miles away, one way, he believes the chances for accidents and injuries increase. And if there is an accident, it might be harder for parents to get information.

“If I’m able to get there and have fun and come back in one piece, and not have any problems, and not hear about anyone having problem, then yeah, it will be fine. There’s always a chance things will screw up.”

Krista Carlson, spokeswoman for the district, said the school will provide free bus transportation to and from the prom. And students will be able to decorate the buses, to add a festive flavor. It isn’t required that students ride the bus.

“The kids usually get to decide where they want to go,” Carlson said, adding that the students researched their options and decided to do something different. PTA President Dave Milligan said many were not overjoyed with the selection by the students, but they were standing by it.

Carlson also noted that it’s not unusual for Bremerton students to look to Seattle or the south sound for recreational and educational opportunities.

Matt’s still not satisfied. He’s going, but he’s not renting a tux, he’s not renting a limo and he’s bringing his own camera. He doesn’t have a date, but he’s the kind of guy that prefers to go to dances alone. (Maybe because he’s hoping to leave with someone? Hmm? Good luck, buddy!) But he plans to have a good time.

“That’s what I’m hoping to have, a good time.”

He works in carpentry, and he plans to save his money and then to school for something along those lines, building. He said he changed his mind about going to prom after realizing he won’t be eligible to go next year.

“I figured this is the only chance to got.”

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