Hey, Ken, Where’s Our Schrammie?


Local heartthrob Ken Schram has noticed Bremerton, and bashed the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce for telling a veterans for peace to go dig a fox hole. It doesn’t want any peace lovers in its parade celebrating military veterans.

Schram takes them to task, and that’s all well and fine, but in his commentary, Schram does not mention anything about giving the chamber a Schrammie.

A Schrammie is a small statuette of himself that he gives to people in the news that he disagrees with.

(My cat does something similar. We’re hesitant to give him wet food because of it.)

I’d like Schram to explain why exactly the Chamber didn’t get a Schrammie. I, and the rest of Bremerton, are a little cheesed off. Sure, read the story on KitsapSun.com, or read a bland rewrite by a wire service, then go on television and bash the chamber, and then don’t follow through with the $5, made-in China bobble-headed doll that sort of looks similar to Schram. That’s real nice.

Talk about getting rode hard and put away wet. Instead of a Schrammie we get a “Schram on the Street,” known in the Grateful Dead-like cult that worships Schram like a god as “the poor man’s Schrammie.”

Listen, Schram, I’m mad as heck and I’m not going to take it. I want an explanation.

Where is our Schrammie?

3 thoughts on “Hey, Ken, Where’s Our Schrammie?

  1. From the Bremerton Sun, May 16,2008; regarding The North Olympic Veterans for Peace and the Armed Forces Day Parade.

    Bremerton Mayor Cary Bozeman said Friday that he contacted chamber leaders this week to suggest changing course and allow the group to enter, but they turned him to their way of thinking.

    “I tried to ask them if there was a reverse course there, to go ahead and let them be in the parade and not make a big deal about it,” Bozeman said. “But they feel strongly that they’re standing on their own rules. If they allow this political statement to be made, what’s going to be the next one, and what’s going to be the end of it?

    Maybe Ken is saving the Schrammie for Bozeman.

  2. The biggest problem I see isn’t the protestors, it’s that anyone gives a damn about Ken Schram’s opinion. Finding people who complain while at the same time accomplishing nothing-not hard.

  3. to quote a quote, “If they allow this political statement to be made, what’s going to be the next one, and what’s going to be the end of it?”

    I had to get a glass of water just so i could do this statement justice with a huge misty spit-take all over my monitor.
    what’s going to be the next one? well, i’d assume since the first would have been veterans saying they don’t like this war we’ve been thrust into, following the city councils “logic” the next order of magnitude would be the “satan worshiping web toed cannibal mothers against drunk driving for the abolition of corpse burials”. and the end of it would of course be the “republicans for increasing corporate taxation.” And of course, nobody wants that, right?
    Sometimes I just can’t believe the world I live in.
    also, Ken Schram went to my ex-roommates college and gave a little talk there, and when my (punk rock, but very intelligent) ex-roomate went to say hi to him afterward, Ken ignored him and went to talk to someone else. That, to me, screams “tall building in the middle of bremerton named for a living, sitting congressman.” or at least the first part of said building.

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