Roll On, Bremerton, Roll On


Binion here:
Comes now, David Nelson, local news editor and my boss, with this timely report on how we Bremertonians roll. When my supervisor wants to write a blog entry, I let him. And that, friends, is how I roll.

I’m not saying Bremerton should change it’s city motto or anything, but when you see a trend…

— 39-year-old victim of a Warren Avenue assault last Friday, to Bremerton police when asked if he wants to press charges: “That’s how we roll around here.”

— 27-year-old Bree Shaaf Boyer, when talking to the Bremerton Athletic Club about fundraising for her quest to make the 2010 Olympic team in bobsled: “That’s the way we roll.”

Ok, yeah, it’s a complete coincidence that both quotes were reported during the past week. A winter Olympic hopeful and the man living by his own no-snitching code to maintain his dignity don’t share much, besides maybe a hometown. And then only maybe, since last weekend’s smackdown recipient could have meant he’s going to roll out of here.

But they both used the phrase, whether it was picked up from MC Hammer (“This is the Way We Roll”), read in the Urban Dictionary (“What someone would say to insinuate that it was their style, or that it was the way they usually do things”), or meant literally (Shaaf Boyer used to compete in skeleton, an icier, faster and more dangerous version of sledding down the biggest hill in town).

My personal, albeit far-fetched, hope: They’re fans of The Big Lebowski’s Walter “I don’t roll on Shabbat” Sobchak, who inspired a regular Saturday night bowling game among my friends in college (Shabbat was the only way we rolled).

At the newspaper, some believe things happen in threes: Two house fires in a week and you start paying closer attention to the scanner, two celebrities die and you start preparing Brittany Spears’ obituary; etc.

Me, I’ll be watching for news from The Bremerton Beat’s favorite local sports team: The Slaughter County Roller Vixens. Now that’s our fair city’s best way to roll.

4 thoughts on “Roll On, Bremerton, Roll On

  1. Real cute blog entry, but when is The Sun going to help the people of Bremerton to fight the attitudes that allow drugs and poverty and cynicism to continue? No “best city” pronouncemts or cockamamie schemes that never seem to work are going to draw business and residents back to downtown Bremerton as long as there’s so little pride in our city. For God’s sake, developers couldn’t even lure people to the waterfront without conducting an auction at fire sale prices. And even then, the buyers were most likely speculators. How about less cute, and more inspiration to make our city better?It seems there’s more than just ill-educated street thugs who “don’t roll that way” in downtown Bremerton.

  2. Andrew we would love to give you a press pass to our next bout at the end of May.

    Jake Metcalf AKA
    Duke Patton
    Announcer – Slaughter County Rollervixens.

  3. Andrew I am going to make you two or three DVDs of our bouts and mail it in to the Sun to give you and the sports team what you can expect from our next bout at May 31st.

    On Saturday the 17th the Slaughter County Roller Vixens travel team is going to face off against Seattle’s Derby Liberation Front. That is like a home town team taking on the Yankies.

    Jake Metcalf aka
    Duke Patton

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