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Vixens To Roll Into Lewis Co.


If you get stood up this Valentine’s Day – it isn’t you, it’s me – hop a southbound to Centralia and watch women throw elbows and defy gender stereotypes.

A scrimmage between Kitsap’s own Slaughter County Roller Vixens and Centralia’s Rainy City Roller Dolls will explode into a plume of fury and fire this Sunday starting at 5 p.m.

The scrimmage will take place at the Rollerdrome, 216 W Maple St. Tickets Are $5 at the door.

The public is invited to “witness this extreme sporting event, a friendly scrimmage between two very competitive rival leagues.”

Who knows? You may find true love. Worse things have happened in Centralia.

Yeah, You Get Props Over Here


This month’s Seattle Magazine featured the get-a-away potential for Bremerton, heralding the city that Bremer built as a destination for day-tripping Seattleites. The story is also accompanied by six photos.

“The community’s tenacity in lifting Bremerton from a sleepy fate has helped it draw luxury waterfront condos, tony wine and martini bars, corner coffee shops, gift emporiums and a bustling art scene,” the story says. Included are nods to many local faves, such as The Manette, Kate’s Jersey Subs and The Amy Burnett Gallery.
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“Is Bremerton becoming the Sausalito of Puget Sound?” asked Mayor Cary Bozeman.




These two Bremertonians represent, I think, that unpredictable spirit that makes politics so darn interesting.

They were picked at random, by me, at the ferry terminal Tuesday night. I intended to put them into a story I was writing about local reaction to Super Duper Tuesday. But after I talked to them, I got to thinking, they didn’t really have much to say about the primary, the nomination, whatever, but were pretty concerned about who eventually becomes president.

And their thoughts on who should become president seemed to me to be so unique, it would be a shame to let them wither on the proverbial cutting room floor.

So here you go.

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Bozeman Is Staying Put


Mayor Cary Bozeman’s house is for sale, but he’s not going anywhere.
The 67-year-old mayor of Bremerton is selling his Manette shorefront home to
downsize, saying he was prompted by the desire to spend less time doing the
yard maintenance and other small tasks that tend to take up large amounts of
“I’m not slowing down, I’m simplifying,” he said.

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Letter From a Birmingham Jail


Saturday’s Mission Outreach Day wasn’t just another reason to get together and have a good time.
In addition to the People Power Revolution in the Philippines, the event marked the adoption of the Namibian Constitution, the release of Nelson Mandela from the South African prison were he had spent much of his adult life and Black History Month.

And in the spirit of these historical mile posts that intersect every February, I would like to challenge you, dear Bremerton Beat reader, to read perhaps Martin Luther King’s most famous piece of writing. He was, after all, a minister, so much of his words were delivered to audiences. This piece was composed in the solitude of a jail cell.

Here it is, Letter from a Birmingham Jail. It isn’t long, only about 6,900 words. It will take you longer to flip through the channels on cable in the futile effort to find something worth watching that to read it.

I’d be interested to hear what you think.

Bremerton: Stranger Than Fiction


I’m of the mind that Bremerton is no stranger, no more violent and no more prone to boorish behavior than any other place.

In recent weeks, it’s seemed like Bremertonians have been on their best behavior. CODE 911 has been a yawn. Bring a book.

However, if newspaper stories can be seen as painting a picture of a community, then these stories that ran in today’s paper, all with Bremerton datelines, paint a weird, dayglo graffiti mural of aliens and Sasquatch .

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