Spelling Nazis

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Here is a small, petty item that Sun reporter Steve Garner wrote about an incorrect spelling on a Bremerton billboard. I know, I know, I’ve done this twice (here and here), but Gardner beat me to the punch on this one. Outfoxed the Binion. And to pay him back, I’ve taken the moral high ground.

And so I say to Gardner, leave these poor people be.

6 thoughts on “Spelling Nazis

  1. Huh uh, baby: EVERYONE should be called to task for spelling errors in public documents. If we don’t point out stupidity, what will discourage it? Kudos to those who take time and effort to be correct. The others deserve our derision.

  2. No…don’t “leave these poor people be.”

    I can’t spell either – and thanks to you learned that ‘Natzi’ is not how to spell ‘Nazi’…good Lord.

    If proper spelling and grammar is the soul, sole basic for writing acceptance, proof readers will make a fortune or no one will write anything.

    This morning someone called to let me know her two years in the making (one part) web page was up.

    Happy for her, I found it to be…THE most stunning, well balanced, colorful and attractive web page I’ve seen in my computering lifetime…fifteen or so years.

    Everything was perfect…but I noticed missing pronunciation marks. Knowing many folks get lost over a missing comma or semi-colon, she needs that part of it to be proofed.

    Who is in the Proofing Business? Anybody?

    What is a word ‘Proofer’ listed as in the yellow pages?

    Sharon O’Hara

  3. I am, Sharon, in the proofreading business that is. I have a consulting business that evaluates the written material on websites, menus, tributes, flyers, etc.

  4. Mary…Where can she see samples, your ads, your business name and so on? Are you listed with the Chamber?
    The wonders in this world never cease to amaze me…I will be happy to pass your information to her…

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