There Will Be Bruises


There will also be some beer drinking and some rock n’ roll listening, as the Slaughter County Roller Vixens fake not the funk this Saturday in their third bout of their first season.

Kitsap County’s women’s roller derby league will host the battle royale at Sk8town in Port Orchard. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the bout kicks off at 6 p.m. An afterparty with live music will be held at Shooterz Pool Hall at 1750 Village Lane SE in Port Orchard. Admission is free with ticket stub from the bout.

Two bouts are on tap, according to a statement from the Vixens.

Slaughter County’s Terrormedixxx will tangle with Tacoma’s Dockyard Derby Dames’ all-star team, and Slaughter County’s Death Rattle Rollers will step up to the Oly Rollers’ Prima Donnas.

Sk8town is located at 1501 Piperberry Way SE in Port Orchard.


Day Of – $15 for adults, $10 for children

In Advance – $12 for adults, $7 for children

Click HERE to buy in advance.


3 thoughts on “There Will Be Bruises

  1. The next bout of the Slaughter County Rollervixens will be on Friday April 11th at Bremerton Skateland. The Death Rattle Rollers are going to be facing off against the Terrormedixxx. The DRR have a wining streak that they want to keep going and the TMX are looking to shut it down.

    So Andy what do we have to do to get you and some local sports writers to come to our next bout?

    Jake Metcalf “Duke Patton” roller derby announcer extraordinaire

    We have photos and videos of our bouts on our media page
    or on Flickr

  2. Looks like a fun sport and where politeness (Please, you first) wouldn’t work.
    Who is going to cover it?
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. I wonder if they would be interested in a COPD benefit (Harrison Medical Center, Pulmonary Dept.) … recumbent trike race?
    Sharon O’Hara

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