Turner Joy Turns Left

tj.jpgAll along as part of the marina project port officials have been telling us the USS Turner Joy would be shifted about 45 degrees to make more room for incoming boaters. The shift begins Thursday, probably in the afternoon.

newmarina.jpgIn response to a question from a reader, I offer the port’s rendering of what the new marina is supposed to look like. You’ll notice that the Turner Joy is still accessed from the boardwalk. This is the way I remember the change being represented by the port.

2 thoughts on “Turner Joy Turns Left

  1. Will the Turner Joy be accessed from the boardwalk or the new breakwater? I thought we were told the breakwater earlier.


  2. The USS Turner Joy will be accessed from the Boardwalk at the same place it has been for years.

    It will also be getting a longer gangway and some improvements on the brow that should be complete by the opening of Boating Season.

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