Wi-Fi on the Ferry

Marina Colette of Bremerton sends message to her boyfriend in Virginia using the Bremerton run’s new wi-fi service. Photo by the Kitsap Sun’s Larry Steagall

Bremerton ferry riders now have access to the same wireless Internet service Bainbridge and Kingston riders have had for more than a year.

Ed Friedrich’s story today gives the details, the costs (It’s $29.95 a month.) and the following piece of information that should make anyone who regularly complains (ahem!) about the Bremerton service feel a little better.

The Bremerton-Seattle sailing, at about 60 minutes, is the longest commuter route in Puget Sound, and it lends itself to Wi-Fi because there’s more time to use it. Subscribers would get more value for their $30 monthly fee than the riders of other commuter routes, which average about 20 or 30 minutes.

“It makes an attractive run even more attractive,” said Joan Dingfield, a member of the Bremerton ferry advisory committee who commutes to work at the Seattle School District. “You can get ready for work or get a few things done before you get home.”

C’mon Bremerton riders. Smile a little. The people on Bainbridge are paying the same price but get less time online.

One thought on “Wi-Fi on the Ferry

  1. $30. a month is even greater when it is used as a write off… a business expense….and more than worth a smile..maybe a laugh or two.

    Woo whoo…Bremerton commuters!
    Thanks for the notice, Steven.
    In my opinion…Sharon O’Hara

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