City Plans

Originally I planned to post something last night about the city councils decisions on tax breaks, heights and non-motorized transportation and parks. I had technical problems.

Following is the short version. Later I will post the whole story.

1. Parks and the Non-motorized transportation plan passed.
2. Heights are unlimited through much of downtown.
3. The council expanded where the eight- and 12-year property tax breaks will go, but not all the way to the watefront. There was healthy debate about that, but ultimately the council decided waterfront property owners did not need the extra incentive. The program was also expanded to apartments.

I’ll post more information about the decisions later.

2 thoughts on “City Plans

  1. “….Parks and the Non-motorized transportation plan passed….”

    I look forward for your ‘whole story’
    Thank you…Merry Christmas!
    Sharon O’Hara

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