The Biggest BUTT in Town

David Nelson writes:

butt2.jpgA package was dropped on my desk late Friday afternoon. It didn’t have a name or return address, just a mysterious and bulky manila envelope sealed with tape just asking to be handled with caution. Opening it, out fell a business card, and a present that delighted those of us still in the office.

It was a white t-shirt, reading:

Bremerton Underground Transit Tunnel
The Most Famous B.U.T.T. In town’

For those paying attention to satirical t-shirt goings on in the area, this should ring a bell. The shirt is a take-off of a Seattle coffeehouse barista’s campaign that encourages people to ‘Ride the SLUT’ — a reference to the new South Lake Union Trolley (though, as the PI notes in this article, the real name is South Lake Union Streetcar).

Monday I got in touch with Chester Peck, the Bremerton man and amateur shirt designer who came up with B.U.T.T. “If they’ve got the SLUT, we’ve got the BUTT,” he told me.

Peck made a first batch of a dozen shirts, and has sold a few through word of mouth marketing. He’d be willing to produce more if there’s a demand from tunnel fans (or from tunnel detractors, I’d imagine), and says he’s cooking up other ideas. Contact him at if you’re interested.

Peck told me he’s not a tunnel hater. He knows the $32 million project will be done whether he wants it or not, so he did only what he could: Had some fun with the idea, and spread the good nature around. After all, Peck said: “Everybody owns a piece of this BUTT.”

5 thoughts on “The Biggest BUTT in Town

  1. Finally, something to knock the lug-nut guy off the radar and return Bremerton to the prominence it deserves as the butt of all jokes Kitsap.

    Mayor Bozeman had better exercise careful oversight of the street sign department…

    The first thing visitors to Bremerton from points east will see is her BUTT. That’s OK tho, the City already plans to build a park to cover her BUTT. In the meantime, commuters have to detour for blocks just to get around Bremerton’s BUTT.

    There must be a million of ’em…

  2. I almost missed the most obvious one of all…

    Bremerton: the City that can’t tell its BUTT from a hole in the ground…

  3. Too funny Jerry!

    Thank you Chester Peck. Sometimes it is important to not be so serious about everything and just have a great laugh.

    I just hope the city gets it’s BUTT moving soon. Sorry just could not resist.

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