Wi-Fi Speedbumps Elsewhere

According to USA Today, other cities are struggling with their Wi-Fi installations.

Plans to blanket cities across the nation with low-cost or free wireless Internet access are being delayed or abandoned because they are proving to be too costly and complicated.
Houston, San Francisco, Chicago and other cities are putting proposed Wi-Fi networks on hold.

“Wi-Fi woes everywhere you turn,” says Russell Hancock of Silicon Valley Network, a troubled Wi-Fi project for 40 towns in California’s high-tech corridor.

Bremerton’s lives on. I’m not sure what significant differences there are between what Bremerton’s doing and what these other places have attempted. Nonetheless, I’ve seen no signs of the local service going away.

2 thoughts on “Wi-Fi Speedbumps Elsewhere

  1. Who runs the Bremerton Wi-Fi system? What does it cost?
    Do individuals pay for the service?
    I’m asking as a person knowing nothing about the internet beyond turning on my computer…Googling, Firefox, Thunderbird …
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. The biggest difference is scale. Bremerton’s WiFi only covers the downtown core, and IIRC, has a boundary of Pacific, Sixth, Washington, and First, and the surrounding public spaces. The major cities implementations had much greater aspirations, and as a result, much greater complexity.

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