Little Store

It’s a new, old scene at the corner of Trenton and Stone (or is it Stoneway?) as former neighbors bring groceries sold in a small store back to the neighborhood.

People wishing for the success of walkable communities had better wish The Little Store does well. While it’s true that most of the items inside are designed for quick consumption, it’s also a place to get in and out of quickly when one or two are all that are necessary.

The store has had a few incarnations since opening in the 1940s, including one stint as a place to get illegal drugs, or at least the materials to make them. Now the owners are keeping it fairly simple, while planning to add barbecue and deli offerings in the future.

One thought on “Little Store

  1. I think the picture of a Pepsi can implies they sell Pepsi, not groceries. They need a sign showing a head of lettuce.

    Something they might consider is selling organic produce by some of our local gardeners.
    A phone call to the KC Master Gardener program in Port Orchard should offer the contact numbers of the organic gardeners in the area.

    Best wishes and great success to them!
    Sharon O’Hara

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