Major League Generosity

Martitha May worked Tuesday’s Kitsap County Health Board audience like M. Night Shyamalan played movie crowds in The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

Nearly everyone in the room was eager to leave. The meeting had already started late and run long. County Commissioner Jan Angel had already banged the gavel early trying to adjourn the meeting and a previous community member had been at the podium a while.

As May was making her own way to the podium, Angel asked for just an amount.

May was there to tell the board how much money had been raised for El Centro de la Familia and she didn’t comply with Angel’s request.

By the end, I’m sure most were glad she didn’t. Angel said she had goosebumps.

You can see why by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Major League Generosity

  1. I’m almost speechless.

    Great news!
    Heartwarming that the Hispanic community opens their wallets to help the Kitsap County Health Department continue services for probable Hispanic illegal aliens.

    A bright spot here… Texas Ranger Pitcher Vicente Padilla reached deep into his own pocket to support this cause. That is commendable. Here is a man willing to put up his own funds to help – he didn’t steal his neighbors (tax payer) money to do it.

    The Kitsap County Health Department and the United Way are inexplicably donating U. S. citizens tax dollars for a illegal alien cause … not one penny of their own.

    Strange that the KCHD, supported by tax dollars from legal citizens of America representing all nationalities, in turn supports one single ethnic group … most likely illegal aliens.

    Interesting that the United Way, supported by American tax dollars paid by legal citizens of the U.S. is donating to the Hispanic cause of the probable illegals.

    Who is picking up the medical costs for these illegals?

    The United Way contributes donated funds to support the Hispanic group …learning how to get medical help among others… and nobody cares if these folks came here legally or if we are helping illegal aliens.

    Why doesn’t the KCHD support ALL illegals of ALL nationalities?

    Why is it against the law to support illegal aliens – yet our own American Service organizations support them without a yelp from anyone?

    Why are service organizations, paid for by our tax dollars and donations from American citizens, exempt from prosecution for breaking the law by supporting illegal aliens and providing services for them?

    Why does the KCHD refuse to ask for legal status before offering services to folks most likely here illegally?

    If the health department and United Way paid for their generosity out of their own pockets, I too, would cheer them on.

    Its really hard to feel warm and fuzzy toward organizations flaunting their disregard for the American illegal alien law against helping illegal aliens…by the old “don’t ask, don’t tell” mentality.

    Don’t the law abiding, tax paying legal citizens of the United States deserve better?
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Isn’t directing a program toward one ethnic group to the exclusion of all others racism? How would you feel about this program if it were designed to help Canadians, or Britains?

  3. If you’re asking me, Gary J…

    Its my opinion that tax dollars of American legal citizens should not be spent on illegal aliens of ANY nationality.

    If programs were set up for legal immigrants assistance, I would hope ALL nationalities would be included.
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. Why, Sharon, don’t you go directly to the state offices that control these programs and ask them why illegal aliens are allowed to use the services, instead of bothering us all about this?

  5. Of course, Sharon, but you don’t appear to be interested in being informed. The newspapers have informed, I have informed, yet you persist. And, if it wasn’t enough for you to rage on, you have to throw in an insult or two, like, “what closet did you pull that out of?” when I informed you that El Centro serves many Guatemalan households.

    I just don’t believe that you are really interested in being informed or even in questioning. If you were, you would not have made the statement that you “hope ALL nationalities would be included,” because, of course, ALL nationalities are served by state service agencies. In fact, if you look on the wall, you will see the legal requirements of this service to all, posted for ALL to see.

  6. Mary… whatever your problem is … you might consider fixing it.

    The KC Health Department is a state service agency with their Hispanics only program yet you are happy they must have something on their wall stating the opposite.
    Unfortunately the reality seems to be far different.

    If you can’t read or comprehend what I’ve had to say and by your responses, you can’t – I’m sorry.

    I consider tax dollars going to illegal aliens a travesty.

    You, on the other hand, want to invade Mexico. Why? I have to ask…what closet did you pull that from?

    You may call it what you like but I call it injustice that government agencies use tax dollars to aid and support illegal aliens.

    I have nothing more to say to you, Mary….you don’t mind your tax dollars spent on illegals and I do.
    Sharon O’Hara

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