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My one regret about going on vacation was being gone so long that I never got to see the picture of the pinecone hat advertised on Craig’s List. The following text was posted on the 7 Deadly Sinners Web site as the best Craig’s List ad ever. And it came from Bremerton.

Pinecone Hat – $100 (Bremerton)

I have a pine cone hat that i made the other day up for sale. I found about 7 huge pine cones in the road, and glued them together so i could wear them on my head. This hat will make you feel very cool and smart, but will leave tree sap and glue in your hair when you take it off. I will try to get some pics up asap, but it basicaly looks like 7 pine cones glued together with a bunch or hair in it (I accidently put it on before the glue was dry and it glued itself to my head).

No, thank you.

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