What’s Bremerton Got to Crow About?

Before he left for vacation, Kitsap Causus blog host Steve Gardner put
Port Orchard “on notice” again. “On notice,” a term and concept
blatantly pilfered from commentator/comedian Stephen Colbert, means
“I’m watching you.”

Gardner writes, “Port Orchard gets on the board after consecutive weeks
on it when this was a feature of the Bremerton Beat. It just feels good
to put the city there again.”

And well you should be watching PO Mr. also-Bremerton-Beat-reporter.
Sure B-town may have been the subject of a glowing editorial in the
Kitsap Sun over the weekend for all its accomplishments … condos,
tunnels … not without growing pains, it was noted. But Port Orchard
has its own accomplishments, too.

Last week the PO City Council, ta da, completed the draft of its
Downtown Overlay District plan, which has been a work in progress
throughout the past year and then some. On a note that may or may not
be relevant, it was completed not on Mayor Kim Abel’s watch (she was on
vacation), but with Mayor Pro Tem Rick Wyatt at the helm. What now?
Well, the draft goes on the council’s Aug. 27 agenda for public
discussion. Understand, this document has already been discussed (and
sometimes just plain cussed) nearly to paralysis. But hopefully, the
end is in sight. Once the plan is in place, property owners, who have
been waiting to learn the rules can advance with major renovations of
their buildings.

In the meantime, business and property owners and the city itself have
not been idle. Storefronts have been spiffied up (see especially
Morningside Bread Co., which recently underwent a major remodel and
expansion). Flowers donated courtesy of the Port Orchard Bay Street
Association have been kept up beautifully by the city’s Public Works
Department and are in full bloom (see also the flowers in the Port
Orchard Marina). The city is making renovations to the sidewalks with
some attractive touches, and new trash cans add to the look. (It’s
amazing what some really classy trash cans can do.)

I spoke with Robin Scott, owner of Pettirosso salon in downtown, and
she affirmed that there is indeed a feeling of positive momentum among
business owners in town. “It’s great,” she said.

Furthermore, the city isn’t just an empty showpiece. Over the weekend
for example, classic car aficionados crowded downtown to show off their
beautiful babies at The Cruz, along with the POBSA’s Festival by the Bay.

So there Mr. Gardner, just because we don’t have a tunnel doesn’t mean
we’re not worth continuing to watch. So you’d best keep an eye on PO.

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