Have a Seat On Bremerton

How do you like us now, Port Orchard?

Here in the Bremerton 98312 we got ourselves a fancy piece of furniture.

A Vermont furniture company, Northern Naturals, has fashioned a seat/couch/bed it labels the “Bremerton Maple Futon Frame.”

Our Bremerton Futon Frame offers Elegant Mission Style arms, this futon frame combines comfort and beauty with strength and high quaity craftsmanship. Made from Beautiful Solid Natural Maple Wood. Seat-back connection is the best available.

I don’t think Port Orchard can brag about its seat-back connection. Bainbridge Island can’t make any “mission style” claims. Poulsbo? Ikke vei, Jose.

A nylon lock nut provides permanent tension for the assembly, eliminating the traditional “loose and clunky” futon conversion.

Doesn’t “loose and clunky” describe Silverdale? I’m not sure I like the “permanent tension,” though.

Tongue-and-groove construction makes our Bremerton Futon Frame Strong and durable.

“Strong and durable.” Yep, that’s Bremerton.

There’s also a Bremerton chair and ottoman. Clearly an emblem of the city’s diversity.

2 thoughts on “Have a Seat On Bremerton

  1. The furniture is Bremerton’ish…beautiful.

    The green cushion, however, looks to belong to Gorst and meant to be set down as grass lookalike amongst the waterfront obscuring plantings.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. I contacted the company and asked why they thought of Bremerton? Where did the connection come from?

    Brett said they like the sound of the name. Strong. I’m guessing they heard it from an MXPX song that has had national play.

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