Bremerton Going to the Dogs

In the previous post I said nothing says summer like the site of a tyke peeing in a fountain. I take it back. It’s hot dogs. At a baseball game even moreso, but even without the game it’s a summertime symbol.

So now Bremerton’s going to have at least three places to get dogs during the day, and more if the other cart owners wheel into town from time to time.

Bremerton Paul Thompson has been grilling hot dogs from his stand at the corner of Pacific Avenue and First Street for 11 years.

He’s about to get more company in Bremerton, as other local business owners see the city as a hot market for hot dogs.

Within the next two weeks Mike Lipson plans to open Uptown Mike’s N.Y. Hot Dogs in what was once the harbormaster’s office on the Bremerton boardwalk. Around the same time Tom Gall and Lana Tapscott plan to offer Chicago dogs at the corner of Sixth Street and Naval Avenue.

This story required a little research. I’ve already had Woody’s. One day while shopping for something to fix a leaky water pipe in my front yard I indulged on my way out of Lowe’s. I had one of Paul Thompson’s dogs last year at his Hot Dog Shack, but figured I ought get another. I also had to drive to Port Orchard to experience Uptown Mike’s N.Y. dog, the one with the onions in the red sauce.

I won’t pick a favorite. They’re three different styles. I’m not ashamed to say I liked them all. And I’d say this about anyone brave enough to start a business, I hope they all do well enough or more to stay open and thrive.

6 thoughts on “Bremerton Going to the Dogs

  1. I am more of a german sausage fan over at the Pom Friz Belgain fries place by the ferry dock. They are heart attack-licious

  2. My girlfriend has a severe wheat allergy so she can’t eat anything made with normal flour so no hot dog buns for her. Last week we ordered a package of special gluten allergen free food including potato flour hot dog buns. So she finally will be able to have a proper hot dog again.

    It’s a little weird to get hot dog buns via UPS.

  3. A real treat is a hot dog from Hot Dogs Etc. owned by Ed Hannifan. Ed started his business after retiring from the Navy with 30 years of service. When fresh corn on the cob is available you’ll find that too on his cart. Want a turkey dog? Ed has the best!! Next Saturday he’ll be at Island Lake for the children’s fishing derby between 10 and 2. Check him out.

    Thanks for a great article Steve!!

  4. When I lived in Chicago, there was a hot dog stand called Jean and Judes. Their specialty was Vienna beef with hot greasy fries on the top. Now that’s a Chicago hot dog! Talk about a heart attack waiting to happen. Other great foods from Chicago are the Italian beef, the combo (half Italian beef and Polish sausage) and stuffed artichokes. Awesome!!!

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