Bremerton Boys Play in Bruce Haunt

MxPx, the local rock band that urges a girlfriend to “Move to Bremerton,” gets to play in the Stone Pony, an Asbury Park, N.J. club most known for occasional sightings and performances by Bruce Springsteen.

The show Wednesday is an all ages show beginning at 5 p.m. and includes Hawk Nelson and the Classic Crime on the bill as well.

The Wikipedia entry on the Jersey shore club cites Springsteen biographer Robert Santelli offering hefty kudos for the place:

According to the vice president of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Robert Santelli, “the club has already earned its place in history as one of rock ‘n’ roll’s great venues. Most rock critics and historians that I come in contact with on a regular basis feel that The Stone Pony is one of the greatest rock clubs of all time.”

As a Springsteen fan for most of my life, I didn’t miss the opportunity to go to a show at the Stone Pony when I was in Eatontown, N.J., about nine miles away, for work sometime around 1990. I don’t remember liking the band much, but I wasn’t really there to see them. I was hoping for a drop-in by Bruce. It didn’t happen. I bought a crappy t-shirt and counted myself lucky for having had the opportunity to see the place.

For a rocker, I would think playing the Stone Pony would be like batting at Yankee Stadium. You get to play on the same ground as the legends. Then again, I’m a romantic.

Click on the link below to see a couple MxPx videos.

Here’s the song “Breathe Deep”

Here’s the one that made Bremerton famous, kind of. It’s “Move to Bremerton.”

One thought on “Bremerton Boys Play in Bruce Haunt

  1. love the title song, “Breathe Deep” and the shots of Bremerton. The sunset on the”Move to Bremerton” song is stunning.

    As a stuck in the Elvis era fan … I think the boys put on a good performance, but I couldn’t understand most of the words for the loudness of the music.

    I have to wonder why write lyrics when the singer has to shout above the music, but never get above it.
    So, I’ll get my hearing checked.
    Thank you.
    Sharon O’Hara

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