Bridge Surveys Say “Make it Look Nice”

In preparing the story about the bridge survey, I discussed the dedicated bus lane issue in some depth with Mike Shepherd and Adam Brockus. Going back in the Kitsap Sun archives, however, I could only find stories referencing such a lane on the Warren Avenue bridge. Otherwise, I would have included more on that issue. I’ll keep looking into it.

The most interesting single element of this story has little to do with the actual survey. Poulsbo Democrat Sherry Appleton, whose 23rd Legislative District begins at the bridge, suggested using the existing Manette Bridge steel to create a similar look on the new span. It’s akin, in some respects, to what Port Orchard has with its downtown facade. The bridge facade might have added value in retaining some history that was at one time functional. I don’t think that’s true in Port Orchard, though I’ll take it back if someone proves me wrong.

Finally, 17 percent don’t want the bridge replaced. At the open house where the surveys were taken, one guy who didn’t want to be named asked if a bridge like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge doesn’t need replacing, why does the Manette. I haven’t asked the folks at the state that question, but it’s certainly worth asking.

2 thoughts on “Bridge Surveys Say “Make it Look Nice”

  1. The original Narrows bridge collapsed four months after it opened….in
    The remaining bridge was all deemed unstable to use, WW11 and other factors didn’t supply a second and current Narrows Bridge until 1950.

    The Manette bridge was built in 1930 … making it 20 years older….so
    why wouldn’t it need replacing before the Narrows bridge?
    It is likely new technology was used for the Narrows bridge, making it more stable in an earthquake than the Manette Bridge.

    Check out the following URL, then scroll down to see a great picture of the Manette Bridge and the Warren Avenue bridge in the background… really shows the visual differences between the two.

    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Hmmph the old bridge is about the only thing left that gives Bremerton any charm and distintion of being Bremerton put the new bridge in and it will finally look like a suburb of Seattle so what do you real estate gurus have planned next?turning the hammerhead crane into a restaurant?

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