10 thoughts on “Where Are the Dragons?

  1. Ain’t much to explain. Looks like those SCA folk doing their thang at Evergreen Park. I’ve ran into them up at Silverdale Waterfront Park before.

  2. Here’s my fake headline:

    “Angered over the lost potential of the NASCAR track, Kitsap citizens took to the streets yesterday, battling each other in mortal hand-to-hand combat, seeking a way to vent their unbridled rage. More news at 10!”

  3. You know if they were wearing chain-mail and a kilt while carrying a full bastard long sword I doubt they could run around like that.

    They should have added Queen’s “Champions of the Universe” from the movie The Highlander to the soundtrack of that movie.

  4. Actually, it appears to me they are squabbling over who gets to run away on the only horse left standing.
    Sharon O’Hara

  5. Anyone want to explain this?

    When my son did it a decade ago it was a loose group of like-minded friends getting out on Saturday for fun and games.

    The weapons are padded, usually made from ducktape and PVC.

    It’s not really about reality – that’s the SCA’s deal with real armor and fake weapons.

  6. Wow.. just because this isn’t something that you guys would run out and do.. or because you haven’t thought of it first your gunna be rude about it. How nice.. Wow I’m so glad I moved to Kitsap, where people can’t respect other people.

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