Mosaic Effort

Andrew Binion wrote an update on efforts to save a mosaic on the Olympic College campus. The work could be destroyed in the planned demolition of the school’s math and science building.

“The mosaic was painstakingly pieced together with bits of glass combed from area beaches in the 1950s by the college’s first art instructor, Harrison “Hank” Blass. It shows God giving humans the power of the atom, among other things, and has survived attempts to clean and refurbish it.”

July is the deadline. That’s when the building is supposed to come down.

2 thoughts on “Mosaic Effort

  1. Like most things in Bremerton that is over 30 years old developers are eager to rip it down and build somthing that wont last even half as long,Bremerton dosent need history rip it up and put a condo on it,Woolworths? destroy it! Sinclair building? destroy it! Manette bridge? destroy it!Old city hall? destroy it!
    how about the old house next to the Manette bridge? I saw it in a 1919 photo surly it has to go!!!
    How about Manette all together get rid of it all for CONDOS!!!! while your at it tera down building #50 it’s over 30 years old shoulden’t there be a condo there??

  2. I loved the looks and character of the old library in downtown Seattle. I loved to brouse deep within its world of book and felt in tune with its history, its people of a world before me. I felt like crying when it came down in the name of progress.

    Trouble is, if we keep all our past intact, there is no room for the future.
    Sharon O’Hara

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