Bringing Home Bank

Tuesday’s story about the amount of money coming Bremerton’s way is confirmation of news broken months ago on most of the allocations.

On the boardwalk and Evergreen Park the city knew it was in good position in August.

On more money for the tunnel, the new amount adds to the $29 million already allocated.

The $5 million for the downtown park development was a necessary piece in a project approved a long time ago.

The $5.3 million for the Bremerton Youth Academy was in jeopardy, but it wasn’t a surprise since October since the idea was first proposed.

The city applies for grants months in advance on projects such as the boardwalk. A state agency creates a priority list. The boardwalk became high on the list months ago. The Legislature, however, has the ability to override the recommendation, though it seldom happens.

The $3 million the city didn’t get for part of whatever gets developed at the former J.C. Penney’s building was a disappointment, but it was money for a project that technically doesn’t exist yet.

One thought on “Bringing Home Bank

  1. Let’s see $5M for a park we don’t need and millions for an underground tunnel for homless people to sleep in, that’s thoughtful 5.3 million for a kiddy jail? sure why not it’s good you can’t punish your children anymore.

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