Exotic College Funding

A while back someone tipped us off in an e-mail that people weren’t happy with a Toys Topless advertisement in the campus newspaper at Olympic College. I hadn’t seen the ad, so I assumed it was the same I’d seen advertising the business’s “new arrivals.” For the uninitiated, the “Topless” in the name is not about your car.

When I did the story on the Olympic visitors from Vietnam, I picked up a copy of the paper. Glancing through the paper I couldn’t find the ad.

You get to the end, however, and all questions about what the complaints were about disappear. There are five women in bikini-style gear in various poses taking up the entire page. The company isn’t advertising for customers, it wants dancers.

“Great way to pay for school,” the ad proclaims.

OK, now I get it.

If one of the dancers who works there is to be believed, it will pay for more than schooling.

One of the women featured in the ad, a 19-year-old dancer who uses the stage name Carmen, said that she found working at Toys Topless fun, safe and lucrative. She said that she earned $4,500 in March.

“I think it’s a good option,” she said. “You can’t make better money in Kitsap County without a degree or with one.”

Read Andrew Binion’s story here.

5 thoughts on “Exotic College Funding

  1. $4500. a month for just going topless for a few hours so mediocre men used to dumpy looking women can stare?

    Gosh, what is not to like about that?
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. I’d hold judgment until you’ve actually stepped into Toys Topless. Truth be known, the women at TT are attractive, dance well, and not the bottom of the barrel as one might expect.

    My review of the ad doesn’t suggest it was targeted at one type of woman–there are students of all backgrounds, ages, financial situations, etc. who attend OC. Need we remind Ms. Sisk and Ms. Kendrick that a similar Toys Topless ad appears in the Kitsap Sun A&E which is circulated in far greater numbers (read by more high school students) than the OC paper. The Olympian is not the only newspaper supporting itself off advertisements.

  3. Attractive and dance well? GP and I must have gone to a different Toys Topless.

    In all honesty, I think people have made too big of a deal over the ad. Toys Topless isn’t sneaking on the campus and forcing girls to bare it all, they’re just putting an ad in a paper to recruit INTERESTED parties. If you’re not interested, the ad wasn’t intended for you. If it bugs you that much, don’t look at it. There may be girls who learn about the opportunity through the paper and have significant improvements in their lives as a result. It’s very much not MY thing, but that doesn’t leave me in a position to judge others.

  4. To each, her own…I have two degrees and make half of what she makes. But, I still wouldn’t bare my boz…zums to every Tom, Dick, or Harriet that wanted to look at them.

    Unfortunately, she will loose her bloom just like every other girl does eventually and the money will not be so good anymore.

  5. Toys topless is a nice strip club, its not the best looking, but they have a nice assortment of dancers. And most of them are actually really good looking.

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