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The Kitsap Sustainable Energy and Economic Development project was recognized by the Puget Sound Regional Council as one of the best in the region in dealing with growth and transportation challenges.

“The Port of Bremerton’s project is designed to create a business park where new-energy and clean-technology businesses can find a home. When completed, the project is expected to provide more than 2,000 family-wage jobs near Bremerton National Airport.”

Funding the project, however, has become a challenge during this legislative session. State Sen. Phil Rockefeller, D-Bainbridge Island, had to pull $1.1 million from the $3 million set aside in the governor’s budget for development of a public portion of whatever happens with downtown Bremerton’s former J.C. Penney building.

Meanwhile, over on the Tracking the Speedway blog, there has been quite the demand from frustrated track supporters over why Tim Botkin, SEED’s chief promoter, hasn’t revealed the names of the companies he said are interested in developing there.

“Please name one business that SEED has brought to Kitsap County.”

That is among the milder requests.

9 thoughts on “SEED Chatter

  1. It’s a chicken and egg situation.

    The NASCAR loving critics of SEED are asking for results and measurable benefits before the project even has a ground breaking.

    Name me one business that NASCAR has brought to Kitsap besides the ISC and Great Western Sports?

  2. Jacob,
    The project is 100% publically financed. It is a direct result of taxpayer money into it. It is a busines park with no tenants. ISC was the tenant before the business park. I’d like to see the name of Tim Botkin’s prospects. He has never produced a list, he has only produced checks from governments to fund his salary.

  3. Jake or Jacob, whichever it is this week.

    Not CRITICS of SEED but asking a simple question. What business? Since you and others have blasted the NASCAR project with “Pie in the sky” and other on-business magnet monickers (or in your case bumper sticker anti-republican slogans) we ask a simple question. Since you say Nascar wouldn’t bring in any new business, pray tell what business does Botkin and the SEED project have lined up? And by the way how much of our tax money will go towards developing infrastructure? The same infrastructure that would have been developed if NASCAR had come in. Either way “We” who live in Kitsap county would have or will more than likely pay for.

  4. Where in history, has progress been made by spilling the beans before the seeds have germinated?

    The only reason I can think of Tim Botkin wouldn’t reveal business names is because the business asked him not to…is a standard practice…why the unreasonable demand to something he would not be at liberty to reveal?

    The ‘frustrated track supporters need to move on to help Kitsap County grow in other avenues open to us.

    BTW: Without a NASCAR track no longer in the immediate picture, what is left to say on the track blog?

    Sharon O’Hara

  5. Remember all the folks that cried foul when they found out that the commissioners had talked to a company. Remember the whole tangled-web discussion. I thought if tax payer money was involved we all have a right to know. I guess we’ll have to file public document requests with the Port or County to find out who Tim has lined up.

  6. Personally I am still undecided about SEED. If you go back and check you will not find any big pro-SEED statements from me. It sounds good in concept but I don’t know enough about the details to make up my mind. For this issue I’ll trust Senator Rockefeller and others. Just in principal a business park seems like a more secure investment than a NASCAR track but I never liked attempts to tie SEED to the hip of NASCAR or to pit one against the other.

    I would have preferred to have Chris Van Dyk or Ray McGovern to testify against the Senate Ways and Means Committee rather than former Commissioner Botkin but Senator Prentice skipped them because she is still supper bitter about Chris Van Dyk success at fighting more corporate welfare for the Sonics.

    But the critics of SEED insist on a Catch-22. They won’t support a financial until it brings in new business and it won’t bring in new business until it get a financial package.

  7. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more of an uproar about Bremerton losing a big project like the commons. I’m sure that Bremerton missed the boat because Rockefeller was trying to punish Bozeman for supporting the track.

    I don’t think that it is a Catch-22 situation specifically, I look at it as a transparency issue. Why should we put $1 into it unless we can be reasonably assured that SEED will be enticing enough to attract business.

    If there isn’t a company that is interested in being a part of SEED than it is probably a big waste of money.

  8. But the critics of SEED insist on a Catch-22. They won’t support a financial until it brings in new business and it won’t bring in new business until it get a financial package.

    Couldn’t the same be said about ISC?

  9. The only reason people are asking to know the names of the business’ is because there were continued postings from individuals stating that “business’ are lining up for SEED”. If you can’t back up a post with facts, it shouldn’t be posted.

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