Still Fighting

Sun Sports Editor Chuck Stark wrote what I think is a fascinating story about a guy, a boxer, who clearly measures victory differently than a lot of us might. Chuck writes:

I admire Stodden’s passion for the sport and the fire in his belly that’s always burning, but there’s a part of me that wishes he would walk away.

It’s worth a read. Even if you don’t like boxing, and I can certainly understand why, it’s a good story about a man who happens to box.

UPDATE: Stodden scored an upset. Man, I gotta get back in the pool.

One thought on “Still Fighting

  1. It never fails…whenever I get close enough to knock on the door of discouraged … I read about or meet someone living life as it is meant to be lived… 100%!

    Brock Stodden is a lucky man, a determined man. His wife and family have to be cheering him on…no naysayers in Manette!

    Congratulations Sun Sports Editor Chuck Stark for writing a super story, a touching story and to you, Steven, for alerting us to the story of a fellow living the life of his dream and living it honestly, challenged by boxing with the best…win, loose or draw.
    He is living the Smile Factor. What can be better in life then to follow your dream with passion and dedication?
    How many of us follow our dream?

    I don’t enjoy the Sports Section and rarely venture there… boxing, wrestling, football, baseball, and basketball results are of no interest.

    Stories such as Brock Stodden should never be buried in the Sports Section…those stories should be in an “Outdoor” section of its own with Seabury and other “sports” of interest…such as horse and dog information…animals in general, skiing, backpacking, cycling, cycling friendly towns…you know…interesting stuff.
    I occasionally peruse the ‘Sports’ pages only to see what Seabury has to say and often wonder why the Outdoors section is lumped in with The Sports Section? They are two separate things.
    So, tell me please, why are they lumped together?
    Sharon O’Hara

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