10 thoughts on “First Draft

  1. There is nothing lighthearted or funny about graffiti. Glorifying it in a blog is almost as moronic as the graffiti itself.

  2. Lighten up, Randy.

    He may have just dumped Chris for Cheri. This was the first thing I noticed last weekend on my first return trip to Bremerton in several months. Good for a laugh.

  3. …more likely Chris moved on to John or Sally and bribed her friend ,Cheri to go out to the old RR crossing overpass with Graffiti Maker.
    Graffiti Maker was so pleased someone was with her, GM bought a can of paint to help Cheri graffiti her name.
    GM dangled Cheri over the side by the left arm (Cheri was right handed) to spray paint her name.
    Trouble is… GM had not worked out for almost a year and, weakened, dropped Cheri just as a passing yellow convertible drove under the overpass on their way to the Kitsap Airport toxic dump station.
    Cheri fell on top of a bag full of toxins, splitting the bag and giving her, a non smoker, a lung full of used and stale cigarette smoke.
    Cheri choked and passed away…on to the great smokey plain of Cigarette Land, thereby paying for her playful prank of spray painting her name for all to see.
    Give Cheri a waveand smile when next you pass under the overpass …cause if she had it to do over again…
    (she would have used a ladder)
    Sharon O’Hara

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