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Manette Neighbors Get News They Wanted

Mayor Cary Bozeman announced at Wednesday’s council meeting the city will put off selling a 0.62-acre property at the corner of Ironsides Avenue and 17th Street.

Jennifer Balliet, coordinator of the Manette Neighborhood Coalition, said that was the neighborhood’s number one choice, that the sale be put off. Now comes the work of figuring out how to buy and develop the site.

Here’s the story.

Wind = Day Off for Kids

Keep checking the Kitsap Sun home page for updates on the weather. Of course I know you can look outside to see what’s happening. And if the power’s out where you live our site won’t do you much good. If the power’s on, however, we’ll keep you posted on the latest.

Here’s what we know. Bremerton, CK, NK and SK schools are closed Friday. North Mason is starting late and as of 7 p.m. Bainbridge Island hadn’t decided. (They’re a sturdy lot, arent’ they.)

Doctored photo?

Days before the election, voters in the 35th District got a mailer comparing the experience between incumbent Democrat Bill Eickmeyer and Republican challenger Randy Neatherlin.

Press play on the link here to see what some people believe they noticed.

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

Here’s how the Dec. 10 story addressed it:

And in the days leading up to the Nov. 7 general election, voters in the 35th District received a mailer, paid for by the Washington State Democratic Central Committee, that some Randy Neatherlin supporters believed included a doctored photo of their candidate.

While the photo clearly was taken from his official campaign portrait, Neatherlin supporters looked at the eyebrows on the shot and said it looked altered.

Michael King, spokesman for the state Democratic Party, said if there were any changes to the photo, they weren’t intentional. He said when photos are reproduced they sometimes undergo small changes. “Sometimes if you shrink a picture the face will look a little fatter too,” he said.

“There is no doctoring that happened here.”

A Neatherlin supporter sent a complaint to the Public Disclosure Commission, but officials there said there’s no law that would address the problem if there is one. “There’s nothing in the law that says you can’t put in a bad photo of someone,” said Lori Anderson, a spokeswoman in the PDC office.

Anderson said there are laws about making false statements, falsely indicating incumbency or suggesting endorsements that don’t exist. As for photos, the biggest one in an advertisement has to have been taken within the past five years.

“Those are pretty much the only restrictions,” she said.

No Car, No Problem

A writer for the Seattle Times finds Bremerton to be a “happenin’ place” these days. She opens:

“If I’d had my car, I could have explored more than one of the promising neighborhoods in this growing Navy town whose core was an economic backwater not so long ago. But I walked on for a leisurely and affordable ($6.50) ferry ride. Once off the boat, I discovered that, within a few blocks of the terminal, there’s plenty to do, see and consume.”

I want to see a story from someone who does come over with a car.