If You Have to Wait . . .

A couple months ago my son and I were about 30 seconds late for the 5:30 p.m. ferry. We were on our way to a Mariners game, so we drove around rather than wait for the next boat.

Had we not been in such a hurry and had it been, say, next year we might have waited in the new downtown park.

Photographer Lenna Himmelstein and I got a sneak peak last week at the park and I’m guess some of you are going to find the place downright impressive. You can get a good look at it now from the platform in front of the ferry terminal. There are some who think the money would have been better spent dealing with other issues, such as the one quoted in the story.

What do you think? You looking forward to this park or do you think something else?

10 thoughts on “If You Have to Wait . . .

  1. I, for one, can’t wait until it opens to the public. I think it looks fantastic, and am looking forward to taking my boys down there to play in the summer.

  2. I think it is wonderful, Steven. I love the look of the ‘submarines’ and know people will enjoy it immensely. It should be an immediate draw from Seattle travelers and anyone living in or visiting downtown.
    Yes, of course the money could have been used elsewhere… such as paying illegal aliens to this country if they should get hurt on a job they should not have to start with…our Department of Labor & Industries pays them. If the illegals don’t like anything about their treatment, they can get treated in their own country – say Mexico – and they send the bill to us and we pay it.
    Hard to believe isn’t it.
    So then… I don’t mind the money spent on this park. It will give pleasure to so many folks.
    The thought of paying the illegals gives me no pleasure at all.
    Nor does the thought that we will pay for their retraining should they want it.
    Our immigrations laws are a international joke… a sick one.
    So yes, let us spend money on more parks…so many parks there won’t be any money left to pay the illegals.
    A friend told me the above and when I told her it was ludicrous and I found it hard to believe, she told me to listen today to a station I had never heard of…
    Tom McCabe & Erin Shannon’s
    The Political Lunchbox
    I listened and believe we have too many elected jackasses spending taxpayer dollars.
    I want more parks, please.

  3. Man, talk about your non-sequiteurs. I am honestly so sick and tired of people complaining about the “illegal” bogeyman it isn’t funny. We are a nation founded by “illegals”. Building a fence to keep the bogeyman out isn’t a solution to anything. Worrying about the kajillions of dollars we’re spending on L&I claims for illegals is, well, a bunch of hooey. Claiming that, well, if we hadn’t spent this money on a park we would have spent it on illegals is ridiculous. One does NOT follow the other, and the issues are completely seperate. If you want a thread on the “Threat of Illegal Aliens Taking All our Jobs, Parks and Ice Cream”, ask Stephen to start one. If you want to talk about this great park that is being built in downtown Bremerton and has NOTHING to do with immigration, then post on this one. Come on…

  4. My point was that this park and others will pay for itself tenfold if people enjoyment can be calculated in dollars.
    The department of L & I paying illegal aliens is the complete other end of the spectrum-and it belongs here as a comment on Steven’s comment that some folks would rather put the money that went into the park, somewhere else.
    I did not mention ‘fences’ – you did.
    And, as a person on a diet, I’m sorry you mentioned Ice Cream.
    Lighten up …

  5. I won’t lighten up, because I am fed up with these completely ridiculous rants by everyone, not just you, about the bogeyman of illegal immigration. The sad truth is that illegal immigrants save us more money than they cost us. That lettuce in your salad, the grapes that make your wine, the avocado in your guacamole, whatfrickinever…all harvested (for the most part) by immigrant labor. If you want to delude yourself into thinking these people are here legally, that’s your prerogative. The hard reality is they are not. They are paid crap wages, get no health care, and help keep your grocery prices low (unless you shop at Central Market).

    So to hear some ridiculous complaint about how they are costing us a ton of money with L&I claims, well, I simply don’t believe it. I especially love the part about the Mexican health care system billing the states. If it’s true, more power to the Mexicans. Were I in the GAO of some state and received that bill (if such a bill exists) I’d frame it. That’s awesome.

    And none of that has anything to do with the park. Who is paying for this park? The Navy? The city? The state?

    Rant over. But lordy lord I’m tired of this. People want a better life and we do our damndest to keep them out. America should be a land where competition is welcomed, rather than fenced out (your statement came the same day GW signed that moronic fence bill into law).

  6. Well…that’s fine too.
    …open the borders and toss out the immigrations laws.
    Why have ‘laws’ some folks follow and ‘laws’ other folks ignore and people like you think is okay for certain people?
    Make it fair for all people wanting to come here… no immigration laws… no laws at all.
    Do not hand pick the folks who may break the laws of our country…open the gates for everyone.
    Do you have a problem with that?

  7. By the way…
    Brian Sonnetag (sp) Democrat, State Auditor, is the one telling the story of the Department of Labor & Industries paying the illegal immigrants…. is he not in a position to know?

  8. Brian Sonntag only knows what the claims of illegal immigrants cost the state. He doesn’t know what they save the state, because that’s not his job. His job is to determine what things COST the state. There are other agencies that cost the state more, WSF would be a great one that affects our county far more directly than the bogeyman.

    “Well…that’s fine too.
    …open the borders and toss out the immigrations laws.
    Why have ‘laws’ some folks follow and ‘laws’ other folks ignore and people like you think is okay for certain people?
    Make it fair for all people wanting to come here… no immigration laws… no laws at all.
    Do not hand pick the folks who may break the laws of our country…open the gates for everyone.
    Do you have a problem with that?”

    That isn’t what I said. Do you realize it costs Mexicans more to emigrate legally to the US than it costs people from Thailand? Do you know why? It’s because they are Mexican. THAT’S IT. Doesn’t matter if they can account for their entire lives with documentation, if they are Mexican it costs more. Apparently, Mexicans are bad, and Thais are good.

    My point is really this: US immigration policy, RIGHT NOW, is based around the notion that immigrants are bad. Period. Mexicans are the worst, and it all sort of flows up from there. My question to you, is this: Is that right? Because I believe it is surely not.

  9. No, I didn’t realize Mexicans paid more to immigrate here legally.
    How can that be since Mexico is bordered up to us?
    Where is it written how much immigrants pay to come here?
    It is unlikely Mexicans pay more since U.S. discrimination laws wouldn’t tolerate such a thing…or so it seems to me.
    I would like to know where you get your discrimination information, please.

  10. Are you saying that of all the countries in the world, the U.S. charges the Mexico immigrant more to legally come here?
    Therefore they are justified to come here illegally?
    Cries of Discrimination without basis are tiresome.
    Where is your proof?
    Why do you not want to open the borders to all, including Mexicans?
    Do you prefer they sneak across the border?

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