A View of a Boring Bridge

Is there such a thing?

On Sunday you may have read two stories, one that shows that despite all the planning and intentions of locals within the past decade, the bridge Bremerton gets to replace the Manette Bridge may not be the bridge locals thought they were getting.

The second story was in the business section and relates that the waterfront condominiums under construction will likely have their occupants early next year. So in about four or five years residents there will have good seats to watch the new bridge go up and the old one go down.

Residents have reasons to celebrate and mourn each development, I suppose.

On the bridge it will be easier to cross once it’s finished — for drivers, bikers and pedestrians. It will also be designed to be safer, to not only withstand whatever load capacity it does now, but also to handle any side-to-side earth action. If the city gets the sidewalk it wants on one side instead of two smaller ones on each side, that path could be pretty popular and will match what will eventually be going on below the bridge on the boardwalk from downtown to Evergreen Park.

It won’t look the same. I understand why those anonymous folks in August wanted to preserve it the way it is. The bridge has a historic look. That said, I haven’t ridden my bike across it and probably won’t as winter approaches. If the city can get the arches underneath, that could be some consolation to those who will miss the look.

The condominiums could do a lot to bring new residents downtown, which could be part of a catalyst for more retail opportunities. Most people think they’re nice looking, an improvement over what was there.

There are some, and at least one has posted here on this board, who don’t like how much of the view of the water is blocked by the buildings. And someone a couple weeks ago pulled out the “gentrification” card on me.

9 thoughts on “A View of a Boring Bridge

  1. I think the complaints about the views being blocked are ridiculous. The only time you had a view is if you were standing on Washington. Well, I rarely stand on Washington. Sometimes I walk up it, but that’s only because it’s the only way for me to get where I’m going. I’m not doing it for the views. Give me a grocery store and the long promised boardwalk extension to Evergreen, and I’ll be a happy, happy Bremerton resident.

  2. No bridge is boring, Steven…even a Plain Jane Bridge is the result of thoughtful design and engineering…. and I’m sure Manette will be pleased to have a safe bridge and many cyclists will appreciate the new wide bike lane…………………………………..

  3. I used to be able to see the water as I drove along Washington to and from the ferry. .I looked OVER the parking lots and saw the water…now the view is blocked by buildings seen on my brief, infrequent drives in to the Bremerton ferry.
    Once Bremerton was a ‘destination’ …I hope one day it will become what it once was, and better.
    It was once a place of wonderful energy and vitality…

  4. Gotta say, I love the Manette Bridge … but too often I read police reports of “side-swiping” accidents on the skinny part …

  5. I’m so glad the cyclists will be happy with the wider bike lanes that they continue to get for FREE. The first thing build with the new state gasoline sales tax was wider bike lanes. If you say we are doing this to get people out of their cars, that doesn’t work in the Northwest weather. Put a use tax on bicycle wheels to help fund bike lanes.

  6. Cyclists get nothing free. Most own and operate vehicles and pay the same rates you do.
    Most rank among the most intelligent …intelligent enough to exercise into, or stay into, good health…. They risk their lives cycling on our Kitsap county roads for exercise..to keep themselves as fit as possible to stay healthy.
    Should we run a tax on the non-exercise folks too?
    Why? Simple…they will need medical help earlier and more often than the folks who work out…really. Ask Eugenie.
    Taxing bike wheels should work and I do not mind.
    But how do we keep the joggers off the bike path? Or should we let them use our cycling path and tax the joggers, walkers, runners? Run a tax on their walking shoes?
    If horses have the nerve to use our cycling/walking area, what do we tax on them? Horse shoes?
    Frank, try cycling for health and in comfort… try a recumbent or recumbent trike for exercise…
    btw: We would have far fewer folks in rest homes had they been encouraged to exercise for health. Ask your doc to tell you plainly why the body works best when physically fit… just ask…

  7. Sharon, I do agree that cyclist risk their lives riding on Kitsap roads. Specially the ones that break all the rules of the highway. Bicycles must obey all the same rules that car must if they ride on the road. Stop at red lights, stop signs, yield to pedistrians, travel with the flow of traffic, etc. However, daily I see more and more of these intelligent people break these laws. Oh by the way how do you know I’m not exercising in some form. Plus I thought we were talking about the Manette Bridge. Tear down the old one build a new one designed with some class and wider lanes.

  8. Frank: Your comment of cyclists getting a free bicycle lane took us away from the Manette Bridge. The fact is a new bridge should be one we can afford.
    Rude and unruly bike riders are foolish but usually display the same attitude when driving a car….. and that is the way it is. If you don’t like it – does anyone? …come up with a solution.
    How about coming up with the solution to bike riders following every rule of the road, yet motorists are hitting and killing them at an alarming rate.

  9. You know what, Frank? I’m as annoyed by bicyclists that don’t know the rules of the road as you are. However, there are JUST as many idiots in cars that have the same freaking problem…

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