Seeing From Another Side

Some of you enjoyed that Howard Jones show, now didn’t you. I read the posts on his site and it’s clear he made some new fans and energized some old ones.

Sharon, especially, I’m glad you liked it. I felt somewhat responsible for your experience after you bought five tickets to the show. I was tickled to see your comments.

And he played “White Flag.” Way cool. So was Michael Moore’s story Friday.

I’ll be honest when I first heard tickets were still available I was somewhat disappointed. Then when I saw all the empty seats in the balcony, I was really bummed. My brother-in-law said it right. You kind of take it personally when there’s so little response to something you find so splendid.

Ah well, no matter.

My wife got to exercise her connections and go backstage and meet him and get a photo taken with him. Then he came out to the lobby and mingled with the unwashed rest of us.

Good job, Admiral Theater folks. Good job.

One thought on “Seeing From Another Side

  1. I not only enjoyed the show, my 89 year old mother did as well…and enjoys listening to his music now on cd…
    My daughter called a friend on Saturday, mentioned where she had been Friday and he exploded, HOWARD JONES!? I didn’t know he was in town – I would have been there!
    I hope he comes back, and next time lets flood Jefferson County, Pierce,Mason, Clallum, King with flyer’s… (after we’ve bought our own tickets) the Admiral should have been overfilled and the sound wired out to the street for the folks who couldn’t get tickets.
    All five of us thank you, Steven.

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