5 thoughts on “Bremerton’s West Side Risk

  1. The shortage of business-ready properties in Kitsap-land has been a recurring theme to the local business owners I talk to. This helps – we can certainly argue about timing (you are either too early or too late), but this is a very good move because it demonstrates that the money is there to risk such a development. Two thumbs up.

  2. Honestly, I fail to see just how big the risk is. The big risk is really with those who decide to put their businesses in this park. If the development goes through as expected, those businesses are going to have a pretty well built-in clientele, assuming they attract the right kinds of businesses.

  3. A ambitious project.
    What is the main reason a business would locate there?
    Low cost of buying the property?
    Low taxes?
    Low utilities?
    Ease of shipping in and out of the area…if the business is a distributor?
    Who is responsible for the new roads in and out of the area?
    Why would a home owner want to buy a home inside a business park?

  4. Dear Knuckles: A developer typically risks her/his own money on the permitting, infrastructure development, and bonding (financial guarantee) before any clients are on the horizon. This isn’t a slam dunk for the developer. You are correct that any business that wants to own property and building is taking a risk also.

    Sharon – shipping any product out of this park is eased by the UPS facility next door; a dream to anyone who utilizes UPS often. I don’t have the details on roads and utilities, typically the developer puts money into that part of a business park. Perhaps other readers can illuminate us armchair pundits without access to the nitty-gritty.

    With appropriate buffers, living near where you work has some appeal to people.

  5. Also, it didn’t read to me that the homes were in the business park. It read to me that the business park is located outside of the residential development.

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