Ferries and the Marina

There is an artist’s rendering, which looks like a photo, of what Bremerton’s waterfront will look like when the marina is complete. There are some details missing in the photo, but it appears one of the details included will require voters approving a sales tax increase.

Anyone here willing to bet that’s going to happen?

The rendering shows the expanded marina, a host of new condominiums, a grassy park near the Washington State Ferries terminal and a boardwalk extending behind the Turner Joy toward the Manette Bridge.

If you look at this rendering, and I regret not being able to provide a copy of it here for you to see, you’ll notice the ferry terminal for the Port Orchard boats looks altered. The dock that currently is the launching point for Kitsap Ferry is gone. Instead there is a dock extending straight out from the current terminal building.

That dock begins with what looks like an arrowhead pointing at the building. One one side is a large vessel, presumably a passenger-only ferry boat. It should be noted that if voters don’t approve the tax increase, something similar to what’s in the drawing will go in the same place. It just won’t be there for ferries.

There are some details in Wednesday’s story about the port’s approval of an agreement to pay the up-front costs for the permitting and design of the new dock.

In 2003 voters rejected a measure that would have increased sales taxes by 3/10ths of a cent and fees for car licenses. In fact, 65 percent rejected it. Those proposing the sales tax increase again hope a few elements are in their favor.

They admit that those who would instinctively vote against any tax increase will be difficult to sway this time as well. Since that earlier defeat however, the state has definitively pulled out of the passenger-only ferry business and private companies have been unsuccessful in delivering service. Furthermore, some of those areas that voted in the largest numbers against the measure won’t be able to vote on it at all this time around.

The question is, will that be enough to make things different this time?

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