Oh the Things I’ve Seen

It’s time for another edition of “Things I’ve Seen in Bremerton,” an irregular accounting of sights while scooting around town. I wish I could say I saw all of this today, but I don’t get out enough.

On Trenton I’ve twice had to slow down my car to avoid hitting a black rabbit. I know there’s superstition about black cats. What kind of luck do you get when a black rabbit crosses your path? How about if he gave me his foot?

A couple walked along Park, near Fifth Street, not long ago. The woman was yelling obscenities into her cell phone about how selfish someone on the other end of that call was being. “Don’t (insert inappropriate language here) care about us!” the woman yelled as she continued her walk. Hey, lady, don’t worry about my tender ears either you insensitive (potty language insult goes here).

Yesterday I saw a cat crossing the street in front of the shipyard. Do people bring their cats to work there?

Seen several times: People blowing right through stop signs. Enough already! I say, you’re going to kill me, because as a pedestrian it’s my right to not stop at the corner, but if we both do it you’re going to kill me, and you don’t want to live with that the rest of your life, do you?

You know how in the movies or on television you see someone talking about someone, and there’s someone in the audience who mistakenly thinks it’s about him or her? At the KCR groundbreaking, Betti Sheldon was introducing dignitaries. She said “Mayor,” and Cary Bozeman uncrossed his legs in front of everyone ready to stand up and give a short wave. Then Sheldon said, “Kim Abel,” mayor of Port Orchard. “D’oh!” The mayor got introduced soon after and everyone had a nice chuckle.

Fireworks. Seriously, this place is nuts.

Not seen in Bremerton recently: Orcas. Still looking.

3 thoughts on “Oh the Things I’ve Seen

  1. There are many feral animals in Bremerton – cats, rabbits, dogs. It is a very sad state of affairs that there are so many abandoned animals fending for themeselves in our fair city.

    I agree with you that it is dangerous to be a pedestrian in Bremerton. As a person who walks/ takes the bus to work in order to not be a part of the parking problem (I work for one of those downtown employers that do not provide parking for it’s workers) and it is very dicey crossing the street Burwell at Park and Warren at 11th. I have been very nearly hit in these crosswalks many times over the years.

    I have noticed that there seems to be more people out in the evenings walking/strolling and ejoying the weather.

    I did see a working girl on the corner of Burwell and State Street last night (had to be a working girl – she was wearing very short shorts and high heeled shoes!) We used to see a lot more prostitution than we see now here in Bremerton.

    I am happy that many people are fixing up their old historic houses instead of tearing them down and starting over. Bremerton has very charming housing stock that just needs a little TLC and paint.

    Again I was aghast about the 4th of July – everyone on Bremerton goes CRAZY on this day, so we avoid any of the places where there are many people congregated to light off and watch fireworks.

    The first year we moved here (1994), we went to Bachmann Park over in Manette to watch the Port Orchard show. The park was packed with people, yet there were people lighting off fireworks IN the crowd. Bottle rockets were going under cars then exploding, fireworks were shooting in all directions, someones yard shrubs burst into flames – it was INSANE!

    We had this neighbor when we lived on Washington Ave. who would shoot off fireworks from 10am to 2am on the 4th. We could not leave our house for fear that these people were going to burn the entire neighborhood down. We stayed and kept everything wet with the hose. It was crazy – their fireworks flew everywhere. This neighbor approached me several days after the 4th and asked me if I liked their display. I told them that I hate them every 4th of July!

  2. Last year I almost hit a cat crossing the road and I drove my car into the ditch at Illahee to avoid hitting him as he ran toward my car. I ended up bending a wheel and it looks like my car got keyed as the paint on the door scraped with the rocks but I have seen that cat around again. I am so glad that I keep my cats inside at all times.

  3. The Black Bunny you seen on Trenton is NOT a stray…It, along with a few others are our neighbors, they live with their owners in the neighborhood. If you drive down Cascade Trail you will find that we also have Pheasants for neighbors as well. Those of us that live in this area are quite used to these animals living around us.It is actually enjoyable.

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