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July 4, 1957 Photo from Wimbledon

A photo from Wimbledon had the following Caption:

Eye Catching Action at Wimbledon — Karol Fageros of Miami, Fla. displayed winning form and controversial panties at Wimbledon, England this week, as she defeated Britain’s Pat Wheeler, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 in the All England tennis championship. Karol’s smartly tailored Grecian-styled creation, embroidered in gold tennis racquets and costing $120, captured for her the glamour girl title of the tournament and the criticism of England’s Angela Mortimer, who said they detracted from the game.

Vacation Entertainment

I’ll be gone between July 29 and Aug. 7. In the meantime the Bremerton City Council will consider whether to pay for wireless Internet downtown and a maintenance agreement for the tunnel. Check the Kitsap Sun for updates.

In the meantime, I’ll be scheduling the posting of six items I found in Bremerton Sun archives dating back to 1957. Some will amuse you, while some are just interesting in historical context.

The items begin Monday and run through Saturday. See you next week.

Bremerton’s Bad Boss

Word has it there’s a bad boss somewhere ’round Bremerton. I was in the doctor’s office today and leafed through a copy of People Magazine. It’s the one with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw on the cover.

In it there’s a story related to the movie “The Devil Wears Prada.” People throughout the country got to tell their horror stories about their bosses. There were shorter snippets on the side for stories that didn’t get full treatment. One told of a boss who had underlings open their mouths for inspection before they went out on sales calls to make sure their breath wasn’t bad. It was signed by someone in Bremerton.

I tried to find the link to the story, but couldn’t. I found the cover and the table of contents for that issue, but the biggest news on the site today was that Lance Bass is gay.

Tunnel Vision

So on Friday I’m up at a campsite talking to a guy I know and he asks me about the Bremerton tunnel. Actually, he heard me talking on the phone to someone as I was finishing the story.

Detour — That’s the wonder of our age. I’m at a campsite where I can get cell reception, good enough to get some information from the state and pass it along to my editor. — End of detour.

The guy asks me if the tunnel is still on. Yep, I tell him. “What a waste of money,” he says, adding that downtown business owners don’t want it.

On another day, however, I had a conversation with someone who said the people who don’t want the tunnel are the same ones who are responsible for the current state of downtown. It wasn’t a compliment.

Like the idea or not, the tunnel is coming. Do you think it will do what it’s intended to do? Will it be good or bad for Bremerton?

You Say That Like It’s a Bad Thing

Friday’s Kitsap Sun includes a story about the survey results asking whether people thought paying for parking downtown was a good idea.

In an earlier post I wrote ” . . . everyone acknowledges there is a problem that requires a solution sooner rather than later.”

Don Wesley responded, ” . . . prove to me, the parking problem. I’ve been doing business downtown for five years now and have never had a problem finding parking on the streets.”

Wesley may be right. You’ll notice in the story Mike Shepherd, city councilman, says there isn’t a problem with demand. He’s undecided on the parking kiosk issue, but sees the sole benefit as it being a way to provide funds to help improve the aesthetics downtown.

Nonetheless, there are some (probably the minority) business owners who favor the kiosks. Perhaps there’s a benefit to getting people used to this before downtown is really hopping. What do you think?

Click below to see the chamber’s survey results.

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Bremerton — As Seen in Seattle

I’m reluctant, for the most part, to reference what a publication competing with us for circulation is publishing. I’ll make an exception today.

You may have seen our earlier story about how Mayor Bozeman was going to speak to two Seattle audiences about Bremerton’s waterfront redevelopment. Seattle, including the city council, wants Bremerton’s advice about transforming their freeway with a view (aka the viaduct).

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Bait Denied

There is a whole list of moving parts in the revitalization effort for Bremerton. Wednesday the council had before it a 10-year tax exemption for new multi-family properties, but punted when the possible inclusion of rental properties got thrown into the mix.

This was one ordinance that wouldn’t have just applied to downtown, though that’s where it probably would have been applied first. By summer’s end there could be a real decision on the idea.