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Yep, That’s Bremerton Too

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog entry about my observations on a single day driving around Bremerton. I mentioned the boats in the water, cops having a chat with a resident and a woman baring her bottom in Manette. Kitsap Sun reporter Michael Moore gives us another, more refined, vision in Friday’s story about the Regional Dance America/Pacific Festival 2006.

Maybe the person in front of you in the latte line was en pointe. Or executing a beautific glissade down the grocery-store aisle.

If Bremerton and environs seemed younger, more fit and, well, more graceful than usual the past few days, it was. Hundreds of young dancers — between 400 and 600, depending on who you ask — pirouetted their way into town earlier in the week for the Regional Dance America/Pacific Festival 2006.

Redevelopment Kudos

Using some of the same data the Milken Institute used in February, Inc. Magazine came to the same conclusion, that Bremerton and the surrounding area constitute a boomtown. Citing job growth as one of the major factors in determining a community’s health, the magazine ranked the city 13th overall and 10th among small cities. Specifically, the magazine referenced downtown redevelopment.

But wait, there’s more . . .

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