Seahawkus Raucous (organized by Brockus)

The Roxy was rocking Friday for a Seahawk rally that was actually pretty fun. Too bad Hugh McKinnis isn’t still on the team, because he can match trash with Joey Porter any day. Then again, he was speaking to a pretty friendly crowd.

Will it be a romp or will it be close? Will the Steelers get crushed? Will the Seahawks look like the weak Super Bowl team the likes of Skip Bayless believes they are?

Will Itula Mili get to suit up?

2 thoughts on “Seahawkus Raucous (organized by Brockus)

  1. Steve,

    Do you have any recommendations as to what people should do if the power’s still out and they want to see the game?

  2. Sorry, I ignored the blog during the power outage and the rest of the weekend.
    Apparently the Admiral was hopping and the Clearwater Casino was, I’m told, a really cool party.

    As for my last questioin, too bad Itula Mili wasn’t suited up for this one.

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