History Across the Street (from us)

The Martin Luther King branch of the Kitsap Regional Library system will open in March.

I can say with some glee that the library will have what it calls the Northwest Collection, which has documents going back into the 1800s. I’m gleefult because I have a hankering to do some stories that could use historical context. Now I’ll just have to walk across the street. For those who appreciated going to the Sylvan branch for that collection, my condolences and apologies.

2 thoughts on “History Across the Street (from us)

  1. For a good example of the potential of a Northwest Room, head over to Tacoma’s Downtown Branch or the Seattle Public Library. The microfilm collections in both libraries date back to the early 19th-century, both have extensive works by Northwest authors, both have collections of local Native American works, and both have great staff that are eager to help you in your research.

    I just hope the MLK branch achieves these same standards.

  2. I have lived in Bremerton twice–the decade of the 70s and since 1996 to present. I’m retired Navy but I claim Bremerton as my home town.
    I enjoy my hometown and its surroundings because the attention offered by the news media. You folks keep us involved with the community by letting us know what is happpening. One of my favorites is the First Friday Art Walk–that is when I am able to participate.
    The one thing missing for me is the lack of news from the literary community–we have very little. I am an author with three books published; therefore I would like to suggest at least one bookfest per year. It could be local, but I would suggest including Washington writers. I don’t know how many published authors that we might have, but I know there is a great supply of writers in Bremerton/Kitsap County.

    Jess Parker
    (360) 373-9766

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