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VIDEO: Inslee unveils first TV ad

Bainbridge resident and gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee unveiled his first TV ad this week.

The one-minute ad focuses on Inslee’s biography, touches on his time representing both sides of the Cascades in Congress, and mentions his opposition to the Iraq War and the Wall Street bailouts.

Republican candidate Rob McKenna has not aired an ad yet.

VIDEO: Scotch Broom Festival blooms again

After a decade-long dormancy, the island’s legendary Scotch Broom Festival bloomed again on Wednesday.

Born in the ’60s, the free-spirited celebration began fading out after it got “too formal, too organized” in the late ’90s, according to one of the festival organizers.

This year, the 30-minute-long festival and impromptu Winslow Way parade came as a surprise to all but a few “Old Bainbridge” insiders.

Sun videographer Amy Phan caught all the tiddlywink-playing and queen-crowning action.

Read the story and see a photo gallery here.

Bainbridge in the ’60s

Above is a five-minute video slideshow of photos taken on Bainbridge during the 1960s. The slide show was prepared for the Bainbridge Public Library’s 50th anniversary celebrations last month.

Culled largely from the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum‘s archives, the photos depict some of the island’s last big blue-collar employers, including the Eagle Harbor shipyard, and plenty of new real estate offices.

Also popping up are a long-gone bowling alley, lumber yard, shoe store and Crazy Eric’s burger joint. Watch close and you’ll see (around the three-minute mark) the Unocal gas station site that has been making the news lately.

At least two businesses in the slide show – Town & Country Market and Esther’s fabric store – are still thriving today.

It’s striking to see how little Winslow Way has changed since the 1960s, and how much the newer Village shopping center on High School Road has been altered quite a bit.

VIDEO: Cyclist’s-eye view of Chilly Hilly

Here’s what Sunday’s Chilly Hilly looked like from the saddle.

Posted on YouTube by a Edo1932, the video starts from Magnolia in Seattle and passes various Chilly Hilly highlights, including cookie stands, Frog Rock and Hall’s Hill.

While you’re at it, check out Josh Farley’s coverage of the ride. A journalistic triathlete, Josh rode the Chilly Hilly, took photos and then wrote about it before our evening deadline.

The video that (sort of) inspired Bainbridge’s proposed bag ban

Mayor Kirsten Hytopoulos wants Bainbridge to be the fifth city in the state to ban plastic bags.

Read all about it here.

Hytopoulos plans to make a formal proposal shortly after the largely new City Council reconvenes early next month.

Her proposal is patterned after the one the Seattle City Council unanimously approved on Monday, and follows similar bans passed by Bellingham, Mukilteo and Edmonds. She’s also working with Environment Washington, the group that helped pass the Seattle ban, and Town & Country Market, which has been promoting reusable bags for years.

But the inspiration for Hytopoulos’ proposal came – at least in small part – from a viral Heal the Bay-produced mockumentary. Entitled the “Majestic Plastic Bag,” the short video (above) follows the lifespan of a plastic bag as it completes its migration from a grocery store parking lot to the Texas-size wad of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean.

“It’s horrible and it’s funny,” Hytopoulos said. “I may try to get the council to bear with me and watch it.”

Bainbridge promo video hits airwaves

KPS_Bainbridge FULL // Final from KOMO Production Services on Vimeo.

The Bainbridge Island Tourism Alliance has produced a promotional video with KOMO TV that touts the island an “escape” for city dwellers who want a mix of rural and ritz.

You can see the full three-minute version above.

Shorter 30- and 15-second versions will show during commercial breaks on KOMO’s Channel 4.

Andrea Mackin commissioned the video for the alliance, which includes the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce and three other island groups.

She said the video is aimed at boosting tourism during the off-season.

A Komo videographer spent three days last summer shooting footage of Eagle Harbor, the farmers market, the internment memorial, wineries and downtown shops.

The video is expected to have prime-time showings on KOMO until the end of November.

VIDEO: Port of Bainbridge Island discussion

The Kitsap Sun editorial board had a discussion with advocates for the creation of a Bainbridge post district this week.

They discussed the proposed port’s funding, overlapping services with the city, road end improvements and how the port could make Eagle Harbor more welcoming to out-of-town boaters.

Videos of the discussion are below.